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That’s Will & Pete in the distance. Grenada Lake is a massive US Army Corps of Engineers lake that holds water out of the MS Delta so agriculture can be maximized. In the late fall and winter its drained down. In the spring the gates are closed and the rain waters are held, the massive reservoir fills and it becomes the hub for recreation and fun. Will & Pete are finding old roads and even bridges now decades submerged. Former farms and communities now sit at the bottom of Grenada Lake. The earthen dam, 2.6 miles long, that holds the water is the second longest on the planet. One on the Nile beats us by a little bit. The lake project completed in 1954 and was a result of the Great Flood of 1927. The recreation pool alone is 35,000 acres.
On a personal note, growing up here in Grenada, during the low level Winter months we would drive far out into the lake bed on Friday and Saturday nights, build bonfires and have fun. #GrenadaLake #armycorpsofengineers #GreatFlood #earthendam #striderboystg17 #fishing #waterskiing #bonfires #Grenadams #grenadamississippi #willbaseball #petesoccer #roadtrip #thanksgiving
User Image burnsstrider Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:42 AM (UTC)
3 X-Pro II
Around Woodstock, VA the car’s computer announced problems. Then it announced it was cutting engine power in half until the problem was fixed. Did anyone know it could arbitrarily do this? The local Autozone helped. We are rolling again. @kirkautoco can fix it when we get home. Boys & I have been deep in Hank Jr Live albums. Will & Pete have resorted to throwing things. #Bocephus! #HankJr #striderboystg17 #Roadtrip