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Revisiting my previous Color Series work today just to say to the current administration, bosses, CEOs and anybody who has the power to make these decisions ‘Please stay away from my lady parts’. My body, my choice. All the women in me say thank you.
One of my favorite activities is visiting @metmuseum. It’s interesting how the biggest crowds gather in the European Paintings sections as of course the beauty of Monet, Renoir etc. is absolutely breathtaking. However, this past weekend I choose to explore the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey and Iran section. The gallery was almost empty and it made me wonder how these incredible cultures don’t receive the same interest. The intricate pattern works, inlays, carpet weaving techniques etc. show such rich history and design advancement. I’d encourage everyone to explore the area more. Here a Reception Room from a large house in Damascus (Syria), 1119 A.H./A.d. 1707
In interior design the magic happens when one is able to create the perfect atmosphere. It’s not about a particular style or formula. Atmosphere of the space and all it contains within, including the occupants, is what gives one the desire to spend time in it. The master @axelvervoordt does it every time. 📷: Michael Paul for @design_anthology
Texture and color palette schemes always on my mind.
Garden Pavilion frescoes in Austria by Johann Wendell Bergl.
Happy place. No computer or other distractions just working with my hands.
Homes in Essex, NY from this past weekend got me dreaming about my future Italian life 😉. Imagine the interior design possibilities. Wouldn't mind playing house mama in this beauty.
Material sketchbook. Linen on linen taking the lead. Each piece takes its final shape when fabric is sewn on canvas. Materials have mind of their own and I like they force me to be flexible and open during the process.
When work in progress turns into unexpected still life moment. Also my collage piece is now framed and although the frame is larger than I first thought, it makes for an interesting combination, what do you think?
Even a bath can become a place of magic. Love the strong design gesture of whimsical feature wall. Presidential Suite of hotel Four Seasons Lion Palace in St. Petersburg 📷: Andrew Montgomery for @houseandgardenuk
Soft palette of textiles, leather and other materials on linen background. Found an old frame a few weeks back and I think it will be a beautiful combination.
Absolutely perfect corner to spend Friday afternoon in. Richard Shapiro's restored home in Malibu. 📷by @miguelfloresvianna
Finally making a shift in my weekly routine to accommodate more time and focus for an official art practice. (Interior design projects will still get plenty of love too!) @lujacdesautel has been amazing to dedicate an entire room in our small New York apartment to create real art studio. Can't even tell you how excited and thankful I am to pursue what's ahead 💛
Reading nook at the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts section at the @metmuseum. It's so over the top and I'm loving it 😝
Favorite look from Rei Kawakubo @commedesgarcons exhibit at the Met. I'm so inspired by the artistic sculptural pieces and the pure curiosity and play with form.
The magic of balance. Balance of various patterns, motifs and colors. Historic 19th-century London house re-imagined by the dream team of Studio Peregalli. 📷by @simonuptonphotos for @elledecor
Added the final touch to this small piece - appropriate frame. I like the balance of the frame's ornate details with the abstract shapes. What do you think?