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..headed there w the dslr soon. Hope it's thunder-storming again.

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dinner with the #emeraldcorydoras Enceladus and Tethys, lady ghost shrimp, and (of course) Abadon the #dragonscaledbetta .
thanks to @originalmartindosh for tonight's soundtrack.
this monarch came out of it's chrysalis while @gardenwitch56 was driving to my place this afternoon. yes, my mother has an aquarium for hatching butterfly in her vehicle while she's on errands.
@theoctopusproject providing some good Sunday tunes.
early day of birth gifts from @daniel_frowns and @gardenwitch56. Thank you. 2 books, precious things, fun stuff, another loop around the sun.
our sunflowers have gone wild this year. 9 feet high in 2 feet of dirt, they collapsed after the rains yesterday. Daniel and I tethered them back up. let's hope they hold.
#tithoniadiversifolia #containergardening
#citygardening #tithoniadiversiflora
finals week. 4 tests, 0 papers/projects left. Fresh GPA next week, then 10 credit summer term starts.
my dad was gifted tickets to go see sportsball, so we went and had a nice afternoon. it was my 1st attendance at an organized athletics event since 1997. Mike has been wanting to go to a game since recovering from his liver transplant and this beautiful opportunity of a day came along.
the newest addition to my #homelab is an IBM #x3550m3 server. It came half-populated (1 #intelxeon chip) and in really good shape. The #lightpathdiagnostic panel is a pretty neat external feature.

this server box will become the host for my #vmware machines and #docker / #Kubernetes containers. I'll also integrate it into my existing topology with the #QNAP #ts451and other devices.
This will give me the processing power to run the lab and not tax my daily computer use directly.
#homeserversetup #ibmx3550 #ibmx3550m3 #geek🤓 #technophile
[1st multi-image post] waiting for the bus, feels like 10°, so many layers of wool and micro-thermals, when going out of the house feels like interplanetary adventure,,... with @daniel_frowns.
why is @acaiacoffee scale counting down in weight? I poured to 390g and it started ticking down to 319. ⚡👻 ☕ #baristalife
back to college time. there's been lots of green hues today. digging this mandarin orange tea from @adagioteas at @commonplacecoffee. #comptia
, here I come.
#noedits #nexus5 #lightroommobile #comptiaaplus #adobelightroommobile #dngphotography #commonplacemws
for as much as we like cooking meals and enjoy being in the kitchen, it's nice to take an evening off. so, Japanese take out from #restauranthana it is. I've been craving #yakiudon for weeks now. definitely a great start to our new years eve at home.