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kayaking at Mogadore Reservoir
road trip:: enjoying the exhibition Red Horizon: Contemporary Art and Photography in the USSR and Russia, 1960-2010, Neil K. Rector’s collection, and, a following panel discussion;
Vitaly Komar' charisma; Alexey Titarenko' lifestory; Natalia Sidlina and Christina Kiaer passion of Russian art.

my great delight to see Alexander Sliussarev' photography (suddenly only his early works) in CMA, what a surprise.
FridayOpeningNight:: Lissa Rivera & Laura Ruth Bidwell / "Beautiful Boy" and "Gratiot" at @cleprintroom, so very deep & art. @lissa_rivera_ @laurabid27
Twinsburg I love:: my healing secret meadow, fell asleep in the middle of it, literally