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lee5e 268w ago
Praying that my little man can come home soon <3
  • ❤❤❤

  • Where is her @lee5e did he get worse?

  • iemilys 268w ago

    @lee5e yeah!! Where is he!? ❤❤

  • lee5e 268w ago

    @ryantirta @iemilys on Monday night he started making an unusual roaring sound whilst gagging and appearing to gasp for air so we took him to the vet on Tuesday who didn't seem too concerned and just told us to continue to watch him closely so we did and the next day (yesterday) he was having those episodes more often and they were getting worse, he would regurgitate a pale foamy liquid and at it's worst stage it was coming out of his nostrils so we took him to the emergency vet at sash lastnight who did an X-ray and found that he has megaeshophagus (his esophagus isn't working to transfer food/water into his stomach) and secondary to this condition he now has aspiration pneumonia in one lobe of his lung. So we left him overnight on antibiotics/fluids. The last update we got was from a neurologist who suspects he may have gotten megaeshophagus as a result of myasthenia gravis (which is what may have caused his paralysis) so he is now having tests done to confirm if this is the case... :(

  • Prayn with U for him

  • iemilys 268w ago

    @lee5e OMG Leese!! Poor Max. Thinking of you all! SASH are suppose to be great! Good decision taking him there! Really hope he is on the mend too poor guy has had a hard month !!! xxxp

  • wishart87 268w ago


  • mtroys 267w ago

    I'm thinking about Max today. I've been through similar times so I can relate. Stay strong. I will keep prayers heading your way. 🙏

  • lee5e 267w ago

    @mtphoto thanks for the kind words :) it has been so tough but it seems we may finally have a proper diagnosis soon in which case we can hopefully bring him home and start treating him soon..

  • mtroys 267w ago

    That is great! Your Max looks so much like my Max did and your postings brought back some tough memories. I'd do it all again to make sure he was healthy. Nice to know someone else feels the same way about their Schnauzer. 😊

  • tracygrt 267w ago

    So sorry Max is going through this. I will pray for a speedy recovery.

  • lee5e 267w ago

    @tracygrt Thanks! We are all praying for a spontaneous recovery as it can happen with the condition 'myasthenia gravis' :)

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