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  Posted: Aug 30, 2012 3:37 AM FEED
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As I sit in the airport waiting to fly to Phoenix to teach a class for @hanzonation I keep thinking about what a great event I got to be apart of last night with @gentslounge and @garibaldiarts I could have never dreamt my career would take me in the directions and have the opportunities it has. I’ve met some amazing people and truly had a blast. Thank you to everyone that has supported me in this journey. #anthonythebarber916
Doing what I love to do. I’m fortunate enough to get to travel the country and share my story. Hopefully I leave you inspired to try something new. Even if it’s not from my class hopefully I have made you want to go out and try a new technique or switch to booth rent or open a salon. My goal is to instill confidence #anthonythebarber916 📸 @fleetwoodthebarber
We can always be better. I’ve said it before and I will say it again none of us are God’s gift to hair. We all have things to improve on. As soon as you put your ego aside and realize there’s a lot of ways to cut hair the better off and happier your career will be. Too often I get the eye roll from people in the industry when I ask if they go to classes. You’re only hurting yourself, your career, and your clients. This was a super fun class for @hudsonhawk for @brooke_hanzonation_kcmo @hanzonation Some of these barbers drive 3 1/2 hours to come to this 10am class. What’s your excuse?? #anthonythebarber916 #hanzonation
You never want to hear your clients say, “I couldn’t style it like you did.” That means we failed to cut their hair in a style they will actually do (don’t give your client a cut to complicated for them to style), we didn’t teach them enough about their hair (here’s how to deal with your curls, cowlick, lump head, etc), we didn’t educate them enough about styling tools or equipment (use a blow dryer, a Pomade can separate your hair and make it look thinner than it actually is). I boarder line interrogate my clients. I want to deliver as close to the picture they have in their head as possible. I ask if they want to show skin on the sides, a little, or none. Most guys don’t know guard numbers. I ask how they want to style it on the top, if the get lined up, what kind of product the use a Slick or matte look. That will tell me what shear techniques I need to use in the top. We are in the customer service industry. This was styled with @victorycrownbarberco matte #anthonythebarber916 #victorycrownbarberco
Just out of curiosity how long have you been licensed? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the game it’s how you play it. Barbering has changed so so much for the better since I’ve got licensed in 06. We didn’t see dope art like this when I first started. Art by @simonettabriganti #anthonythebarber916
Do you think haircutting has seasons? I’ve found that if people get a haircut once a month when it gets hot in spring/summer they tend to get close to haircuts every 18-21 days. Where as when it’s cold fall/winter it tends to slip to 35-45 days between cuts. How do you get clients to come in if it slows down? #anthonythebarber916
I want to put a FREE haircutting education tour together looking for barbershops and salons Colorado and further west. Even if you’re not in a major city drop your city and shop IG or whoever’s in charge I’m trying to get off the beaten path. I will be doing the same for midwest and east coast soon #anthonythebarber916
Cut with intention. Don’t just cut till it looks good. After my client and I have come to a decision on what haircut they’re going to get I mentally picture what that will look like on them. Then I run through the steps in my head. This cut is a 4 on the sides, then I blend the sides to the top, put in a soft 00000 zero line on side burns and neck line. Start in the right side 1, clipper over comb out the color line, fade down 1/2, then 000 zero. Repeat on neck line and left side burn. Point cut the top down 1 inch, notch cut the top, channel cut the top. Reverse blend beard, shape beard towards the chin, line beard and mustache. Add @victorycrownbarberco Slick to the top slightly damp, blow dry on medium heat. Cut with a purpose, know your process. #anthonythebarber916 #victorycrownbarberco
When I started barber school I had never picked up a pair of clippers let alone cut someone’s hair. I wasn’t one of these guys that had been doing fades in my garage since I was 12 years old. I had no idea if I’d like cutting hair. What I did know I loved was the barbershop. I loved hanging out in the shop, laughing with friends, catching up on local and international news, gossip (be honest we all Love gossip), just the overall barbershop experience. I obviously fell in love with cutting hair, I post about it constantly hahah but here’s a picture of my business partner @rockystone and I yesterday. I still love chopping it up in the barbershop. I’ve been lucky enough to make a career out of hanging out with my friends. Thank you to everyone that’s supported me in that. And to anyone questioning if they should follow their passion. Just do it. Life’s short don’t hate what you do everyday. #anthonythebarber916
The art of barbering is steeped in tradition. It’s one of the main things that drew me in; the history, the pride, and the craftsmanship. But right now we are in a barber renaissance. It’s an amazing time to be in men’s grooming we are seeing advancements in equipment, techniques, teaching, products and so much more. If we don’t embrace these things such as color enhancements, cosmetology style scissor techniques and the fact that barbering has changed we will meet the same fate as our predecessors did in the late 60’s early 70’s. I beg you to stop talking shit about things that “aren’t barbering” and expand our trade. As @adamfederico says, “evolve or dissolve”. #anthonythebarber916 styled with @victorycrownbarberco
@anthonysbarbershop916 @bottleandbarlow @bastillebarbers here's all 3 of my brick and mortar locations. I'm not posting this to humble brag or say look at what I've done. The first month I was open at Anthony's barbershop I averaged 3 haircuts a day, I worked by myself. Sucess is not going to just happen to you. It doesn't happen over night. It's not going to happen without risk and it's not going to happen with out failure. It takes hard work, good risk assessment, capital, and balls. Remember the old saying, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take". No one is going to make you successful. #anthonythebarber916