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Tbt to Beer Olympics w/ my meatball 🍝
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADO 🎉 21 never looked so good (except for when I was 21 😏) I hope this day treats you so so well & I hope you look as rough tomorrow as you do in the 3rd pic 😂 I love you to the sidewalk & back 💕 NOW GO GET DRUNK
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BFF/ROOMIE 🎉 September 13th used to my least favorite day until I met you 😘 Cheers to 21 babe
YOU ARE LYING IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN WAITING SINCE 2012 to say... I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22 🎉👸🏾💄
Always a blast with you guys!
Have so much fun in Australia, love you both! 🇦🇺
Even tho you were the murderer, still happy to be your wife #MurderMysteryParty
Happy we got to spend the 4th with our Boise soulmate Kierra 🇺🇸
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY SISTER! Cannot believe you are 19 today 😭 I love you to the sidewalk & back ❤️ I'm so proud of the person you are! SILVERWOOD HERE WE COME 🎢
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom this side of the Mississippi 💕 feels good to be reunited with the fam
National Sibling Day with triple a 👑 can't wait until the gang is back together again, love you both to the sidewalk and back 💘
Happy bc we signed our first lease today 😌❤️
Missing Idaho a little extra today
couples that wear grey together stay together