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Hope y'all are having a perfectly weird Saturday night. 💋
My new favorite necklace. @jewelcult is donating 100% of the profits from each Las Vegas nameplate sold to the victims of the horrific tragedy that took place. We are all #VegasStrong.
The simplest way to my heart... and a good booty.
Today has officially challenged my heart more than any other day in 16 years. These are slides of a few photos my mama took. I have nothing else to say, but just thank you Tom. #VegasStrong #TomPetty 💔
As a nation, I think we all need this message today. My heart is with you Vegas. 💔😿
I am at a loss for words. My heart is with all the families, victims, everyone at Route 91 Harvest, Jason Aldean & his camp, and the whole Las Vegas community. 💔
Rising and roaring in my natural habitat after meeting some national wrestling champs at practice with my papa - a former PSU national / world champ. 🦁💙
For the glory of old state, for her founders strong and great, for the future that we wait, raise the song, raise the song. 🦁💙
Hope you're enjoying your grotto in the sky, Hef. 🐰💋
Rest easy in bunny heaven, Hugh. 🐰💋
Happy birthday @hamillhimself. I hope this year you finally get to the Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. 💋🤓🌞🌞