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nbcnews 267w ago
Paul Ryan addresses #GOP2012 in Tampa, Florida. #nbcpolitics
  • @kellicioush Finally someone who knows what they're talking about, thank you!

  • jaric_72 267w ago

    Here comes Honey Boo Boo is on, and she smarter than this group of scmucks! #GOP2012

  • @bluebelly63 the results are in 5 trillion follars in new dept and 8% unemployment theres your facts now goodbye obama, your a one term president good by educate yourself HOPELESS

  • celhenry 267w ago

    Cracking up at @jaric_72 reference to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

  • @jaric_72 you just made my day😂😂😂

  • Who was the president during the great deprison a democrate boo them

  • @shopaholic_swimmer well i can at least spell debt. And its not all new. When Bush started 2 wars we started to plug and we've been in the red ever since. Obama has withdrawn from the wars and is starting to stem the tide in spending. He also entered the White House with a little over a 9 percent unemployment rate. The economy is stablized, after it was left in tatters by Bush. Obama has set in place a fantastic heath care plan and has tried to put several others things through like a jobs plan but the Tea Party in the House is saying no to anything with a hint of blue. So look to them if you dont like the look of America right now.

  • kellylux 267w ago


  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 horrible Ryan speech!!!! How dare he criticize practice what you preach!!!! @nbcnews #GOP2012 #nbcpolitics

  • Here comes the hate speech.

  • grgltjhn 267w ago

    Fuck all of you political scum bags you are shit all of you fuck off greedy fucks die

  • beasaez 267w ago


  • reebie46 267w ago

    If you're of the 99% and plan yo vote for Romney you will be contributing to the eradication of the middle class. Only the 1% will benefit from his presidency.

  • I refuse to let the shell of a politician that is Romney dictate my rights... Do I want my America back? Yes! But that does NOT, by any means, mean i want to go back to the 1930's. It means i want to go back to the Clinton days when things were steady before the republicans (namely Bush) dehydrated this country! We are now at a critical point in our society and if Romney gets in there you can believe it will only get worse! And fyi Obama didn't create this debt. Read a book, its public knowledge that in ONE YEAR bush created a 5 trillion dollar debt in this country and unfortunately it takes a hell of a lot longer to grow a tree than out does to chop it down!

  • jimcronk 267w ago


  • f_rod_sd 267w ago

    The party of slander and lies. Just making shit up.

  • reebie46 267w ago

    Amen @bluebelly63 !!!

  • Obama obama obama obama

  • Dislike

  • @yepitsryann You said that if Obama wins, you want to move to England. I assume that you think he's an evil socialist bent in taking away your rights. Well England is far more "socialist" by Republican definition of income equality, rights for gays and women and national healthcare, which seen to be all of the things Romney wants to get rid of.

  • Obama

  • pmarief 267w ago

    @shopaholic_swimmer if you knew anything about the political process you would know the current president always inherits the mess their predecessor. It takes years for policies to be processed and approved through congress and the house of representatives. Progress won't be seen till the second term. No one just gets in and changes things. There are a ton of laws forcing the political process to be slow. You have to be naive to think that. Get off your quiz sites and start educating yourself.

  • Shut the %&$# up. Cast ur vote n America will answer. Not saying pro republican...but ...where have u been for four years. Other options? Rosie O'Donnell?

  • Lol go @kellicioush!

  • @iamchristymichele wow.... Your facts are so wrong it's almost sad. Bush spent about $4trillion during his ENTIRE 8 years in office. Obama has spent $6trillion. In three and a half years. Not to mention he thinks printing his way out is going to help. Wait until inflation comes back to bite you in the ass.

  • I just cannot believe how people will kill each other for different ideas. Barack is kind. I'd let him watch my kids. Not my 401k

  • dolcerose 267w ago

    👆👆 what @iamchristymichele said OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!

  • dolcerose 267w ago


  • muaalexl 267w ago

    O B A M A 2012

  • pmarief 267w ago

    It Romney and Ryan win, we live in a 1960's sitcom....

  • Obama!!!!!!

  • Obama!!!!!!

  • sambevans 267w ago

    Romney Ryan 2012!

  • gateweezy 267w ago

    Nails on a chalkboard

  • Sorry @nnickr you are wrong! You need to check your source kiddo! Bush spent more money in his FIRST year in office than Obama has in his entirety! You must watch fox news! Obama is dealing with a collapse... I'm sorry but if any kind of inflation jumps up to bite me it will be at the hands of Bush! There is a reason why the republicans have not yet addressed that issue in their convention... If you would like to debate respectfully I'm all for it but please know your facts! ;)

  • Herman Cane lives for ever 9/9/9 plan it's The only future..

  • cueupu22 267w ago

    Ryan put that ball outta the field! #Webelieve! 🇺🇸

  • 80zbaby88 267w ago

    Fuck republicans!!!

  • dennyjax 267w ago

    😚🎶 yes!!! @kellicioush

  • stbk3 267w ago

    Lol that guy sux

  • ebo221 267w ago

    Go Paul!!

  • Mutiods

  • Love it! 🇺🇸 One nation under GOD! RNC---if you don't know, know you know!

  • @brown346 it was an exaggeration on the 30's but my point came across. Thank you though! :)

  • @iamchristymichele I think you're forgetting that Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton when me got into office. So add the money he spent to 3 trillion in the green he started with and you'll have your facts straight.

  • Obama all the way...if not, I am scared as hell!

  • Go obama

  • misscls 267w ago

    Republicans suck a fat one!!! Hate them! Women haters. I will never ever ever vote for you!

  • Why is anyone surprised that the GOP can't put together that 8 years of problems cannot possibly be wiped out in 3 and a half? These are the same people that think women have magical rape fighting vaginas.

  • Im speechless at most of these comments... So sick of people pointing the finger .. They both Democrat & Republican have made mistakes...

  • Lol its called txt languge dumby @kellicioush

  • 13stellar 267w ago

    @kellicioush lol @ magical rape fighting vaginas😝

  • I will never vote for a man who chooses a running mate that wants to outlaw in vitro fertilization. Period.

  • 13stellar 267w ago

    RNC ?! 😳 lord please 🙏 help the poor, the sick, the gays & woman!

  • @jannstar The difference is that Republicans never apologize and if they do, it's fake like " Oops, I misspoke". That's not apologizing. Plus I'm sorry but when have Democrats ever had such blatantly bias policies that purposely hurt minorities, gays, women, elderly and the poor. And the Republicans do it by convincing everyone to vote against their own interests by spreading claims that are exaggerated, false and just plain made up about Obama. Tell me the Democrat equivalent of Rush Limbaugh? There isn't one.

  • Yes! Let's get this country back on track before it is too late.

  • So we all gonna use they to describe a ghost, bring in our secret army called pussyprotectors " cause per republicans a women can stop a rape attack", our husbands can have 8 wifes and 359 kids, and theft is only considered such if you are in the 98%...upps America please forget about any false thoughts about voting a Black American-American President...cause if you let prejudice win over your own safe pockets and rights, you will get a sad wake-up call in a few month.

  • @pmarief ok i am sorry for any incoveniebce but facrs are facts and sry to bring it 2 you but this second term shit aint happening he had his chance and fail I am sorry but a fact is a fact and Bush isnt tge reason obamas a socialist and wants our country too be like Cuba you are just some other knowledgeless American! No need to argue against thought less people next time please use facts thank you :)

  • @misscls Haha your classy :) got to love people like you what a show you put on and @powerbattle23 ur just some pot belly living in your parents basement so yep have fun with that one :)

  • Good night mindless freaks

  • Dont waste your breath on this crap

  • bekah_may 267w ago

    Agree! Can't wait to see that.

  • @shopaholic_swimmer Uh no, I don't believe "facrs are facts" and "Bush isn't tge reason" is not text lingo. It's just shitty spelling. And the Republicans want to cut education. Good idea? I think not.

  • Im a female and a Republican @misscls and u hate me?? Hm?

  • Sry im a bad typer and btw i am a pretty good speller and i no what i am talking about its called txt languge smart one @kellicioush

  • @shopaholic_swimmer Yeah I am smart and I choose not to use childish, shortened bastardizations of the English language.

  • Ok @angeloftherisingsun PREACH! That right there is real !!! Prejudice and uneducated or just plain ignorant!!!

  • @amimichael I have a sincere question, no attacking. But because you are a woman, why would you vote for this party that wants to strip you of your health care and reproductive rights and refuse to acknowledge fair wages for women? I don't understand so I'd like your honest answer.

  • @kellicioush that's your opinion and I respect that. I wish you lots of luck on your angry journey :)

  • tidewell 267w ago

    Matthew 19:24 😒

  • docpessi 267w ago

    @shopaholic_swimmer "knowledgeless" is not a word, nor is it text speak. Try ignorance.

  • I don't agree with Everything republicans believe in, I do however strongly feel Obama is doing no good and needs to go!

  • @jannstar Thank you :)

  • Boooooooooo

  • Please god help us and send a hurricane to the convention and spare everyone of these Republicans!

  • Another Boooooooooo

  • @kellicioush WTH are you talking about??? No one is stripping my rights as a woman.. They're giving a voice to a small human being!! Shame on you for being a WOMAN and not getting that!!! Fair wages??? What are you talking about?? You're just making crap up!! It's not the 1950's honey !! And as a self made business woman, christian ,US veteran, and MOTHER.. I want a party that takes care of MY mother and my children some day !! I do NOT want to continue to pay for irresponsible so called mothers that abuse the system and are draining our resources!!! Geez.. I don't want anyone including my government telling what I can and can not do!!!!! FREE country ?!? HELLO??????? Wake up.. Stop blaming!!

  • @amimichael @jannstar You're right, I am angry. I don't want my rights and the rights of people I love and respect to be treated like second class citizens by a few very wealthy white guys. I truly believe they do not have the best interest of the country at heart, they only want to beat Obama at all costs.

  • @kgardea Do you realize that your initial statement, and final statement completely contradict each other?

  • No they don't..

  • WTH are you talking about ? ( first statement)

  • Stop blaming! ( last statement) hmmm?????

  • 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Dislike

  • mimistyx 267w ago

    Thumbs down...way down.

  • Vote for him if you want women to go back to the dark ages.

  • @kgardea I'm talking about the Republican platform which says it will ban all abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest and make all forms of birth control and even invitro fertilization illegal. And as far as fair pay, both Romney and Ryan voted against the Fair Pay Act for women and the Violence Against Women Act. I'm not the one making stuff up, their voting records are publicly available, go see for yourself. And they also voted to defund programs for children like head start meal programs for hungry kids and educational funding, so how exactly are they looking out for kids? You want a free country? Then why vote for people that want to restrict what you're allowed to go and take away your choices for healthcare, taxes, education, etc. You're the one who needs to wake up

  • @kgardea Oh yeah, not to mention a federal ban on gay marriage, including overturning marriages that already happened and were already legally recognized.

  • mimistyx 267w ago

    Oh....OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT....and I can even spell! Let the swimmers and shopaholics do what they do best - try to drive our country into the ground or back to the dark ages. This is ridiculous.

  • pmarief 267w ago

    @shopaholic_swimmer uh, you complain about facts then decide to use a hyperbolic statement about Obama being like Fidel Castro....who is a communist not a socialist. Do you understand what a fact is? Or are you a 6th grader with a smart phone who thinks she has an informed opinion? It's hilarious that you are a shopoholic 6th grader. You're not old enough to have a job or understand how anything effects you. One thing you might want to start developing before you worry about a political opinions is your grammar... Just sayin'

  • mossbres 267w ago

    Post-truth politics. No concern for facts. Sad.

  • sc0rpi028 267w ago

    Hell naw!

  • jgraf26 267w ago

    @pmarief *affects ;)

  • mz_kimsan 267w ago


  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • trevigoe 267w ago

    @dr_souss_89 Ron Paul endorsed Romney just let it be! He has 0% chance...... Just unite or let Obama take office!

  • I have a life to live dont waste your breath

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • brab77 267w ago

    Can someone name a President that has kept All or Most of their Promises? That is All.

  • Yeah let's just give up on the only candidate with ideas to make changes to the current political landscape. Let's just get in line and vote for the guy who manipulated the rules of the convention to turn it into a childish petty display of manipulation. If he cheats and lies already, what do you think he will do in office?

  • emagomez 267w ago

    @patrickdmc couldn't agree more

  • jfalu 267w ago

    Obama has spent less than any president in history. Fact. OBAMA2012

  • That place is filled with idiots!!!

  • jfalu 267w ago

    Obama has delivered on every major campaign promise. Fact. OBAMA2012

  • jfalu 267w ago

    Obama. For the people, not his business partners. OBAMA2012

  • OBAMA2012.....he sucks

  • @jfalu you know what it is '

  • @brab77 None lol ". I'm not a republican hater but they are not for me

  • If Romney can't get the black vote the Latino vote the gay vote and the women voters of all races he should just throw in the towel ". He is too busy bashing Obama , and Obama laying in the cut like ' look at these clowns " Lmbo

  • jfalu 267w ago

    The scary thing is uninformed voters. Or ppl who pick a candidate like they'd pick a winner of a football game. I wo.d

  • jfalu 267w ago

    I wonder how many voting republican actually benefit from republican ideals and policies opposed to voting based on tradition or bc friend's parents in a higher tax bracket do. Educate yourselves. Politics is not a game.

  • nibdaz 267w ago

    Paul Ryan is just one big handsome bucket of dumb lies.

  • Paul Ryan > VP Joe Biden

  • @jfalu You are kidding, right? President Obama is the biggest spender in world history. Even Forbes wrote an article about that.

  • @jfalu name his major campaign promises

  • liebshen 267w ago

    Again, I can't fathom voting for a multi millionaire venture capitalist. That's so completely insane.

  • Seriously???? Obama has spent more money in the last 4 years. But ya know, if your cool with being in more debt then by all means.

  • Name something Obama has promised to do, but hasn't....Ohhhh right...

  • wiz1939 267w ago

    If the republicans were not so prejudice I would vote for Romney.

  • 💩👎

  • Go obama!

  • liebshen 267w ago

    Moron cult aside. Social policies on par with the Taliban aside. He's a venture capitalist! Those people destroy American companies. It's their job.

  • I can't wait to see wen one of Paul Ryan's kids get knocked up or gets someone pregnant and they blame it on gods will ......

  • liebshen 267w ago

    *Mormon (Freudian slip)

  • hrgkac123 267w ago

    @crystal_bebehh & @liebshen u guys r so funny. So true.

  • jlova69 267w ago

    Full Of CRAP…

  • dpb1983 267w ago

    @davidgarcia87 Actually, if you read the Forbes article, it stated that Obama has increased government spending the second to least amount of any president in the past 60 years. Typical republican! Just throw ideas out there without doing any research, or offering any factual evidence to back it up. If half of these "pro-Romney" people would do their own research, they would then realize how effed the country is going to be post-Romney. This country can not create jobs not because of Barack Obama, but because if corporate interests! The same corporate interests that are spending the largest amount of money ever recorded to pull the veil over Americans' eyes and make them think some rich a-hole who can't even show proof he paid his taxes will come save out economy. Sending jobs overseas is profitable! Profit leads to greed! Corporations only care about profit! Do the Math! Why do you think they laid-off/fired so many people in the recession and haven't hired them back? Because everyone that was left started working harder for less pay, which led to profit for corporations!! Wake the F up!

  • @dpb1983 the article does NOT say that. It says that P Obama claims to the slowest increase. Talking about corporate interests, who bailed out all these corporations with our money? Who invested millions of our dollars into Solyndra and lost it? How many millions of taxpayer dollars went overseas to foreign companies? You're ignoring all the facts.

  • @dpb1983 Profits are a good thing! Stop demonizing profits. Btw, pretty much everyone is greedy. Instead of focusing on profits let's talk about the losses under the current administration.

  • dpb1983 267w ago

    T.A.R.P. The last republican president! Remember that? The slowest increase of any president in the last 60 years! My point exactly! So why is the debt so high? One reason that I never hear come up... The Endless wars we have been fighting! Under Romney, we will see military action in Iran, Syria, and North Korea. I wonder what that will cost? Who cares right? The wealthy never fight or pay to fund them. I agree that profits are not evil, until the ones who profit take control of the rights of everyone else. Our votes do not matter anymore because money is everything!

  • @dpb1983 the stimulus dwarfed TARP. Again, he doesn't have the slowest increase in 60 years! So P Obama is ran up the debt higher in 3 years than P Bush did in 8 because of the wars? Delusional! P Obama has added more debt that any President in 3 years. Couldn't even pass a budget when they had a supermajority for 2 years. Yup, leadership...

  • Forgive the typos

  • dpb1983 267w ago

    12 millions jobs in 4 years? How? Cut the corporate gains tax? Cut the mortgage credit? Cut planned parenthood? Drill for oil? Dissolve the EPA and let corporations decide if the air we breathe is safe? Get rid of medicare? More war? Yep. That sounds like it will work! Oh and while we're here, let's give $117,000 to the top 5% earners in this country. They'll create jobs for all of us, right? Let's face it, the U.S. is in a downward spiral that can only be solved by revolution. No more two party political bs, where either choice is a sure loss.

  • @dpb1983 so you're going to ignore P Obama's record and speculate what Romney will do in the next 4 years as President? Nice defection.

  • @dbp1983 Good luck with the revolution. How about everyone just stops complaining and realize it ain't that bad.

  • buddy61 267w ago

    Romney for stimulus, now not for it. Was For tarp, now not for it. I could go on, but you get my point?

  • xxllover 267w ago

    Big joke, I never heard so much Sarcasim in my life. Now we must be a comedian who teaches our children how to judge and slay other people with words .

  • Just because we dont vote for a black president doesnt mean we r prejuiced

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