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  Posted: Aug 29, 2012 11:25 AM
100 Valencia
@mattlauernbc sits down with Florida Senator, #MarcoRubio in Tampa. #NBCPolitics #RNC2012 #GOP2012
  • OBAMA!

  • ROMNEY!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Obama 2012

  • Obama !!

  • Mitt 2012!! We built it!!!:)

  • OBAMAAAAAAAA anyone who doesnt support him is a racist

  • I think it's the other way around. @seston1

  • Obama ❤❤❤

  • Obama 2012!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Go Brazil

  • It's NoBUMa not obama! R O M N E Y. 2012!!!

  • Matt Lauer is hot

  • Obama 2012 !!! :)

  • Obama all the way

  • Forward

  • Obama 2012!

  • @broughton_k nope that is impossible. Obama is black and white, and sexy all over.

  • 👎

  • Let them go through the needed political motions, but it truly doesn't matter bc Obama is going to do a second term anyway. #whocares #whatever #mundane #obama2012

  • Please vote everyone or it means nothing! #obama2012

  • Matt is an arrogant pig and the republican party can screw off !! 👎👎

  • @broughton_k A G R E E D!!!!!!!!

  • Mitt is an arrogant douche as is his wife. They sure as hell don't speak for me.

  • 4444df 5y ago

    @mattlauernbc can suck it! - dr. Rick Marshall

  • @dolce_vita1977 did you mean matt or mitt? Bc i think they're both pigs.

  • I agree with you @dolce_vita1977 !!!!!

  • Romney 2012! #WeBelieveInAmerica! 🇺🇸

  • i really dont care about this lol

  • Romney vocally, and publicly claims to be Mormon!! Obama vocally, and publicly claims to be Christian (although personally I don't agree with some points of view, I do, say, & think some things that may be questionable to other "Christians") yet the Republicans are "so conservative" and supposed Christians, are backing supporting, putting their money behind a publicly known non-christian!!!! 😳 any and every other topic beyond that is mundane. 80-85% that don't like Obama are voting against their own self interest and don't even know it bc they are blinded by hear-say; media; and the color of his skin... Period!

  • By the way, less convention coverage would be appreciated. Go back to the whole "liberal media" so many people accuse you of being. (not to mention there is way more important news out there than snobbish people in suits and dresses.)

  • @docprez uhh, mormon is a christian. And we don't need the racists who vote based on skin color. We were able to them once already. We can do it again. HELP END RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, AND SEXISM. VOTE #OBAMA2012!

  • And Barack's wife Michelle is way prettier than Ann Romney.

  • @seston1 unless Mormons claim that Jesus Christ is part of the holy trinity, God in human form who came as a man to save the lost, then Mormon beliefs and Christianity are very different. Christians believe that the bible is the spoken word of God, and has nothing to do with Joseph smith. Jesus is not the half brother of Satan as Mormons claim and he was not just a man who became a god after death. He is God and through belief in him, realizing you're a sinner and in need of forgiveness, and placing your faith in him alone is what saves you. Not works, not baptism from an elder, not being sealed. The two are very different indeed.

  • @seston1 u get the point tho (Mormon/Christian) 😂😂 and I couldn't agree with you more about "race", yet it's very hard to not notice, here in Mississippi, and everywhere, where impoverished caucasian brothers and sisters are shouting ROMNEY when any and everything he stands for is against everything they need!!!! 😳Now what other reason other than race could be the reasoning behind voting against their own self interest?!?!

  • @korihulst ok whatever dude. I take it back. I really dont give a shit.

  • @seston1 then don't talk about things you don't understand.

  • @korihulst what dont i understand?

  • @seston1 you make a claim that Mormonism and christianity are the same, I corrected you since they are not, you respond with you don't care. If you don't care, and clearly don't understand that they are different why would you comment on it? If you want to make random claims that you don't care about in a public discussion then be prepared to have people respond.

  • @korihulst 👍nice breakdown. I didn't feel like typing all that. But I don't think that @seston1 meant that Mormon/Christian comment to be exact religions but same title. Like Christian:

  • Methodist / Baptist

  • @docprez thanks & I agree, however as a Christian (I'm sure you guessed that) I would never put them in the same category. Very common misconception and very misleading unfortunately.

  • nice

  • rubymd 5y ago

    Obama <3 Romney is a racist person! He doesnt even accept his Mexican roots Smh

  • I love fake TV so entertaining ...thanks today show

  • @korihulst i made no such claim. I said mormons are christians. Not they are the same thing. Its like saying gay people are people too.

  • @docprez yes you are right.

  • Obama 4 more yrs. yes

  • @seston1 saying Mormons are Christians is saying they are the same. My point: Mormons are not Christians. Two very different beliefs therefore not the same. Clearly this isn't going anywhere.

  • @korihulst i never said they were the same. I said mormons are christians.

  • @korihulst @seston1 😂😂😂😂😂 where are you guys from?

  • @docprez I am fairly sure they are from Mars... Arguing amongst religions is on the same level as arguing amongst the political parties. It gets you absolutely nowhere...

  • Marco Rubio is top notch!

  • And I live amongst the multitude of Mormons in the West.... Let's just say they look after their own and the others not so much . If Mitt is a Jack Mormon then he might look after the other wealthy , otherwise if he is a faithful member of his Ward, the Mormon Church will benefit... Coincidentally the Mormon Church is extremely wealthy..... No matter who wins you can count on one thing... The same shit all over again .. Empty promises

  • @stratmanz lololol. 😂 I was asking bc a lot of times out environment shapes our religious and political beliefs. Me being from Mississippi, I'm kinda in the middle of ALL stereotypes, political and religious... So...

  • Mitt romney he is way beeter then you fools hehe

  • I live in nc where the democratic convention will be held and I'm amped up ... 4 more years mr president , it took more than four years to screw this country up " and it's gonna take more than four years to fix it " just saying "

  • Well well well do u think u can get me a job

  • @docprez A small farm town in Ca, currently in Dallas while my husband finishes seminary lol

  • @katieabowman ha ha ha ha! Killing me.

  • @korihulst lolol. Ok now that's ironic and funny!!

  • @docprez Texas may lovely and conservative but I feel like I'm in another country far far from home :)

  • @docprez oh man I was raised southern baptist in Florida and lived in Alabama and it did a number on my head! But yeah Mississippi wow you Are in the middle of it!!! I had to move out of there to open my mind and heart to more than just people that were exactly like me to see just have messed up and ignorant people who claimed to be enlightened really are. I find it ironic that the wealthy who proclaim themselves Christians see that Jesus was essentially a socialist.... He helped the poor and the outcast and included everyone regardless of race, sexual preference etc... It took me forever to open my eyes to all of the prejudice and Hate in that particular denomination to free myself from A) the right wing fundamentalists B) Political parties

  • Yeah right!!!!! @seston1

  • @stratmanz Mars huh? It seems a bit hot there, although pretty close to Texas I'm sure. And to enlighten you, my point wasn't to argue. This young lady was clearly allowing nonsense to pour out of her uneducated brain on a political post regarding "religion". Not the smartest idea. As a Christian I feel it necessary to help clarify and not let the assumptions and generalizations continue if I can help it.

  • @korihulst @stratmanz yea the south is VERY different... Very traditional yet Jesus said (paraphrased) " made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition..."(Matthew 15:6 KJV). Getting ready to move to NewYork in a few weeks, SUPER excited. Red State to Blue State, no matter, still trying to keep God's "State"OfMind!!! #loveconquersall

  • Don't vote Obama ! Help America @seston1

  • @docprez Nice, congrats on the upcoming move. He'll plug you into the right places! Enjoy. I can't wait to get back to CA.

  • 😂 @korihulst I know u can't! Lolol! And I receive that!! Same to you!! May He continue to bless and keep ur family 🙏!

  • Im with you @laceywilliamsslankard also democrates really want to win by putting in dead peoples name in

  • For election

  • @docprez congrats on the move! And yeah I'm still a believer, just believe in a much different way than before. I guess its that personal relationship i was always taught i should have with Jesus! My son lives in NYC finishing his Masters at NYU and loves it. Completely changed his life for the better! Good luck, Red or Blue Christian or Mormon , everyone needs love and peace!

  • @stratmanz no doubt. At the end of the day, regardless of what race creed or color we have to live here with ea other and peace and love is better than war and selfishness!! #nolie

  • Lol

  • @korihulst thanks for enlightening!!! No arguments from me... I love getting in heated discussions with my Mormon friends here in Az about Christianity and the fact they added a book onto the Bible when the Bible clearly states that's the end of the book .. Won't bore you with the issues is I got indoctrinated with too much of the rules and laws and such and that can be very dangerous

  • Too all... Don't fall for the political rhetoric ... It's all lies from both sides ... Seek the truth outside of the standard networks then vote your heart. I would love to see some moderation from all parties

  • Matt Lauer! Your in Tampa and I wish you could stop by my office so I can meet you! I would be so stoked!!

  • @laceywilliamsslankard how will not voting for obama help america?

  • I am Mormon. I am a Christian. I believe in God, the Father, and in His son, Jesus Christ.

  • Amen!^

  • If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren't racist , vote for mitt Romney 2012 to prove you're not an idiot

  • I feel a disturbance in the force.

  • O gosh :(

  • What has he done in the last 4years? Besides go on vacations with our tax dollars ? @seston1

  • Lol it sucks they have to stoop that low! @shopaholic_swimmer

  • @laceywilliamsslankard no need to even bother if you are that misinformed.

  • I'm misinformed but ur the genius ??!!!??? Ok @seston1 . But u never answered the question but that's enough of an answer for me :)

  • @juswisper I totally agree with ya doll !! Obama all the way , the last president we had that I believe actually did anything positive for the country except for our current pres was Clinton , he might have had drama but he got things done !!!

  • @seston1 I was talking about Matt but I agree that Mitt is one as well and I pray he doesn't become our president , then this country is really DOOMED

  • @reebie46 thanks doll

  • @dolce_vita1977 thanks Hun " it's just a political circus but I believe our president will still win this one " Romney has no respect for womens choices ' smh !

  • Obama will be president again, and the last at that. Doce_ vita we are already doomed. You'll see!

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