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Reason Sue-Ellen Carroll is going to hell number 137.
Although Buddists don't believe in hell the same way we do? Do they? 😱

And yes, I did 'The Dance' while recording.
#SiemReap #Cambodia #StraightToHell
Our favourite spot in Hoi An @divebarhoian and first time trying shisha. Great low light vibes, electronic chillout music, sofas for lounging.
#hoianancienttown #Vietnam #DiveBarHoiAn #shisha #Wanderlust #nofilterneeded
Hundreds of photos and video locked away in the camera of the most amazing trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. Someday I'll have time to go through them but for now a quick selfie of Pawel and I with our tour guide at Mỹ Sơn.
An enthralling cluster of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu tower-temples constructed between the 4th and the 14th century AD and the site of Vietnam’s most extensive Cham remains. An enchanting setting in a lush jungle valley, overlooked by Cat’s Tooth Mountain.
#MySonSanctuary #worldheritage #IndianHinduism #Vietnam #PabloAndPuddlesDoVietnam
Aaahh Portugal... Cobblestone villages, captivating cities and golden beaches. Food, family and friends. There may have been the odd bit of sangria thrown in Saúde!
My three favourite things. , sun and wine.
Please don't judge the ice and curly straw. It's hot and I'm 5. And a half.
When you move your sun lounger to get the best view at the pool.

#SiemRiep #Cambodia
En route home from Vietnam and Cambodia with the most amazing fellow wanderluster
The tans may fade but the memories will not. 😍

#Wanderlust #NoFilter #😍
Hello Siem Reap!
Why yes we will have a dip in the pool and a frozen cocktail after a long journey.
#siemreap #Cambodia #Wanderlust
Only the girls will understand... #FirstWorldPains 😢😂😭☹️😖
Just discovered our hotel has a small rooftop pool. Much needed cool down.
Choeung Ek- mass grave of victims of the Khmer Rouge - 3 million killed between 1975 and 1979
#PhnomPenh #KillingFields #Cambodia