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  Posted: Aug 29, 2012 5:35 AM FEED
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"Anything can break" by Pinaree Sanpitak.

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Posted: Jun 11, 2017 10:02 PM
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repost: @geeak
imagine your daughter coming back from school one day with a letter expelling her from school. As a parent you are left dumbstruck with this extreme and unfair punishment. You know she is a smart and well behaved girl and yes she may have her fair share of "cheekiness" but not enough to justify such a strong action. You ask why and she stays quiet. You go to school only to find the principal accusing your daughter of "racism" and other unspeakable behavior, knowing deep down that that does not embody her true character.

In fact as a parent you always had a feeling about her friends. Classic "Mean girls", petty, sly and manipulative. But you never expected the sudden bipolar twist in the plot. You find out they orchestrated the whole scenario through hacking her social media to BULLY her into submission. All they had to do was plant the seed.
No parent wishes to see their child bullied in school. Neither would they ever accept an environment where bullying is tolerable.
So, if we don't tolerate bullying from kids and teenagers why is it that adults can get away with it? Why can they lie and defame ? And to add salt to the wound, they do it in Ramadan of all months.

A dear friend shared a quote from the ever so relevant "1984" by George Orwell. "If all others accepted the lie which the party imposed, if all records told the same tale, then the lie past into history and became truth"

If you stand against bullying, then you stand with basic principals. #QatarMeansPeace
Posted: Jun 5, 2017 2:55 PM
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‏﴿رَبِّ اجْعَلْ هَذَا الْبَلَدَ آمِنًا﴾ 🇶🇦
‏⁧‫#كلنا_تميم‬⁩ ⁧‫
Posted: May 16, 2017 5:07 AM
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"الأسود يا سيدتي يختار سادته"
my favorite two 💘 الله يحفظكم
Posted: Jan 10, 2017 11:10 AM
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how wonderful life is now you're in the world..💕
Posted: Jan 5, 2017 10:21 AM
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اللهم ما أصبح بي من نعمة أو بأحدٍ من خلقك فـَمِنكَ وحدك لا شريك لك فلك الحمدُ ولك الشكر 💙
Posted: Jan 2, 2017 6:50 PM
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في ليلة كنها الليله عرفتك بسمتي و فجري .. و ليله زي ذي الليله وهبتك في الأمل عمري ..
Posted: Aug 29, 2016 6:16 PM
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