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Man, I don't know if ramping $hit to flat ground will ever get old 👍🏼🚲💨
I thought I'd end my insta hiatus with a photo of me and my boi. Dad&Diego 💙
#tbt to the day I thought this would be a good idea. Maybe next time 😩. 📷 @weekendwarriorbmx or @not_that_omar
I cherish these little moments because I know he won't stay little forever. For now, he could eat my breakfast whenever he wants ❤️
I'm pumped that @not_that_omar, @rothsmith and I got some laps in at Walnut today! Here's a snap that Omar took of me. Thanks for the motivation dude 👊🏼
Nerdy fact: I've been collecting bmx stickers for the better part of the last 19 years. This pile represents about 1/4 of my stash. 😬 #sandmbikes #shieldbmx #fbmbmx
I told @moeller_chris I'd post this up! Here's a slow-mo clip of mad dog and @thefids eating dust at the #shieldbmx30 event earlier this month. Fun times!
106 heat index in Austin today. You gotta cool off somehow 🍻 with @_jesstrada_
I got a kick out of seeing my bewildered expression on one of the latest #shieldbmx30 coverage videos. This clip was taken in the moments immediately after my previous post. The @sandmbmx party was so fun! It reminded me a lot of the Texas Toast events 👍🏼.
I had the best time at the @sandmbmx 30 year party! The awesome trails, throw back music and museum were my favorites. Here's a photo of @moeller_chris and @thefids heading for certain doom! These guys are over 40 and still tough as nails 😬👍🏼. Good chilling with you @thomasboorman 👊🏼 #shieldbmx30 #shieldbmx
My little guy is growing up way too fast. 😘Here are some of his first ever steps. 🏃🏻
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there but I especially want to celebrate the two most important ones in my life. Feliz día de las madres ❤️ @_jesstrada_ and @chiquila26
Life cereal & bananas with this early bird. 🌥
Wild onions are plentiful @south_side_roast. We kept digging these bad boys up the other day.
Bath time and all, my handsome little guy hasn't put his brush down for a few day now. Guess who he gets it from? 😉 @_jesstrada_ 💇🏻‍♂️💅🏽
The first landing at @south_side_roast isn't quite ready but I couldn't help myself. So stoked! 🔥 #austinbmx #digtoride #buildyourownfun