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redbull 268w ago
Who's ready for the final #INSTAWINGS mission? Share how the Wings Team has been there to help you hit the books before a big test for your last chance to win a semester's supply of wings!
  • No you weren't @blake_bunce

  • Nice girls!!!

  • @ashleycamino look at you girl!

  • itsseejay 268w ago

    i wish #instaings was here in the Philippines so I can see you guys!

  • FTL 😍heart you @steffmel #wiiings for life ❤

  • Oh yeah FTL at it again 💜💜💜

  • gypsymego 268w ago

    Way to go @ashleycamino @steffmel !! 😁👍👍

  • nagreco 268w ago

    FTL !!!!

  • bct1011 268w ago

    FTL spreading wings 😄👍!

  • Haha yes #instawings

  • Look at the rack on that chick!

  • My gypsies @ashleycamino @steffmel 😍

  • I so need a semesters supply of rb lol

  • hxrryboi 268w ago

    Red bull my fav f1 team

  • If it wasn't for redbull, I wouldn't be able to make it through the majority of the week or be able to pas half my classes. #SleeplessNights

  • @redbull come to IPFW in Fort Wayne, Indiana...this college campus needs some wings!!!

  • @RedBull fuels my college experience. From getting me through long nights of studies and long nights of parties, Chicago wouldn't be the same if I didn't have my wings. Come drop off some red bull at DePaul!!!

  • I'm gonna need some #INSTAWINGS to keep my senior year awesome, and to help deal with our new principle who happens to be pregnant!

  • Red bull gets me through my 20 hour days as a nursing student to help impact and save lives! #INSTAWINGS #ORU

  • 🔴🐗 gave me wings when I had a final the day after EDC in Vegas and the drive home from Vegas was the only place to study. Even though I didnt sleep, Red Bull gave me wings and helped me study. I got a B!

  • I drink at least one Redbull every single day to keep my body and mind on top flight. It helps me make my life adventures possible as I work hard like when I worked a 10 hour day and went to NYC from pa at night and came back the next morning without sleep to present my graduation project based on the connections of music and because of #instawings I recieved 100% and was complimented on an exciting and awakening presentation. I 💘 @redbull ! #instawings

  • Two words! Student teaching!!!! Teaching kindergarten all day for the first time by yourself and in a totally different country for the first time - Costa Rica - I HAD to find some wings. I went to so many different bodegas to find Red Bull, but when I found it, it was on!!!! I was able to hit the books, the classroom and not the children thanks to red bull ;)

  • kanekoa6 268w ago

    I can wake up at 3 am and go to work amped up off my big can of REDBULL!!!...thank you for giving me crack filled wings to work my ass off all morning!!!....and also a great compliment to cigarettes!!!...yuck, but um yummmmmmmm!!!

  • How about through the work week? Nothing like being an engineer working on a deadline and slamming a few red bulls to keep you elevated at 3am

  • Countless all nighters editing and filming and studying. Thanks to #instawings

  • Every test I took in math 1050 I pounded a #instawings awakened the brain!

  • Going to school and then working 18.00-02.00 3 days in a row. Only instawings

  • caitbme 268w ago

    Working 12 hour shifts 4 days a week, school 5 days and still able to party on Fridays. Couldn't do it without #instawings

  • markmitch 268w ago

    I would like to thank @redbull for saving my ass during every single lecture. Couldn't have passed history without #instawings

  • Simply cracking open a Red Bull gives me a mini jolt of power! Next comes that heavenly Red Bull smell that just teases my tongue and makes me salivate! Just the scent of Red Bull would probly be enough to get me through my study sesh, but unfortunately I don't have the self control to make a single can last more than 5 mins 😜 #givemewings #instawings!!

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