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  Posted: Aug 28, 2012 12:43 AM FEED
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We’re doing great. Everything is great. We’re doing fine. #hudsonghost
I have a weird thing about heading out into the woods without a completely full fuel canister for my stove. The result is a fuck ton of half empty fuel canisters. #foodissues
Went for a fun little scoot with this fella today. Weather was perfect. #theburbs
Posted: Oct 8, 2017 9:23 PM
7 Hudson
Maybe pack out your fucking trash so I don’t puncture my tire with your big fucking bendy wire thingy you fucking trash faced asshole. Other than that, the fellas and I had a great time in the forest today.
Got some rad family photos shot by @annajayephoto. They turned out awesome. #hudsonghost
I was delighted to receive this book today from @emilyshur featuring a shot we did of @russwest44.
Everybody’s posting awkward photos from their youth and I’m just over here puttin’ out the vibe.
When your makeshift paint room looks more like a makeshift murder tent. #dexter #theburbs #notactualmurder
Here's a photo of me in my new favorite forest from our backpacking trip yesterday. It was very surreal. These fires, as terrible as they may be, do eventually bring a strange beauty. 📸: @mrfluffynuts
We both feel like shit. So we're having a spa day. #hudsonghost
Why won't he nap?! It's decaf, for christ's sake! #hudsonghost