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sd_rod 268w ago
Second angle of NOLLIE FLIP BOARD few days ago! #skateboarding #skatelife #training #FUCKDANIEL

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sd_rod 1d ago
Another Polaroid by your truly how you like my angles cuh?!
sd_rod 2d ago
Vegan take out and Polaroid flicks I'm hip as fuck!!
sd_rod 3d ago
Back 180 nose grind Ocean beach CA 🌊 📷@Larellegray
sd_rod 1w ago
Words will never express how much I love this human.
sd_rod 2w ago
The long lost locks. They'll be back!
sd_rod 2w ago
It's Friday you know what that mean the best throwback music party! See you tonight @liaison_la
sd_rod 2w ago
🎱 yea. If the movie calls for it I'll be meta.
sd_rod 2w ago
Rest in peace to the legend. Women loved him men aspired to be him. Hugh Hefner.
sd_rod 3w ago
It's almost time to listen to some dope Classics @liaison_la
sd_rod 4w ago
Everyone I found a hat and I'm not taking it off.