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  Posted: Aug 27, 2012 9:38 PM FEED
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Someone asked me what the drop looks like when it rebounds off the surface - well here it is. :)

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Sometimes a little bit of sacrifice is required for the ‘gram’, I usually hope that it’s someone else’s sacrifice and not mine. 😂😂 My Intrepid friend Kyle (tagged) is the man responsible for bringing me to Kaikoura AND the poor sucker getting wet to his waist for this shot. I personally think it was worth it, but I would wouldn’t I? @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
Good morning all! I’m starting the day with a peaceful sunrise shot from Kaikoura, quite unlike the adventures on my story. I’m also so, so happy that heaps of people loved my post yesterday. It was one of those ones I loved but didn’t know if anyone else would. Lol. Kaikoura yay! @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
This is my favorite shot from Kaikoura and it was not without some hardship, lol. I know that this job can look amazing from the outside but there’s definitely hard days and this was one of them, maybe I love the photo so much because I know it was so difficult to take? During my week in Kaikoura I managed to block up my right ear and this led to pretty bad vertigo, something I’ve suffered from in the past. Add to that some 2 meter swell on the Albatross Encounter and you’ve got some not fun sea sicknesses happening 🤢🤢. I managed to take maybe forty photos, of which only a handful were in focus, of which I only liked this one. Lol. Funny side story, I asked my bestie Garry for a home remedy for the ear situation and he told me to microwave half a potato until it’s piping hot and then lie on it for an hour. I was so desperate for a cure that I did this twice. In Kaikoura. So amongst all the photos I was back in my room lying on half a hot potato. 😂😂😂 🥔👂🏻 (it didn’t work) @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
Flowers, ocean, sunrise and snow capped mountains behind me ... could things get any better? I’ve finally finished editing all my Kaikoura shots and planned out my grid and omg, my favorite shot is next. Stay tuned. Who else plans their grid? Grid is lyfe! But I digress, I’ve been super happy with the amount of people messaging me about Kaikoura and asking about the state of things. I’ll keep you all posted on when the north bound highway is open but the marina is definitely open again and 90% of operators are on deck! 🐋🐬@KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
User Image laurenepbath Posted: Nov 19, 2017 8:12 PM (UTC)
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I’m interrupting my regular posting to share one more shot of my new Bose swag. I actually have a set of my own (older model) Bose in-ear headphones but wasn’t going to say no to the new QC 30’s! I can never decide if I’m an in-ear or over-ear headphone gal, you? 💁🏼‍♀️ Anyway, I shot a whole bunch of social media content for Bose and obviously brought Jewels in to help, where else would I find such delightful photo props? We had such a ball and for me the icing on the cake is keeping the gear and starting this awesome relationship. @Bose #BoseAustralia #MyBose #QC30
Good morning! I don’t know how many of you have taken pictures on the northern beaches of Kaikoura but I need to warn you about ‘slippery death rocks’, recognizable by their coating of sea grass. It’s important to avoid slippery death rocks at all costs! 😂😂 If you can manage that you’ll enjoy the cutest little rock pools around. 💜💕 @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
So ... this happened! Orca in New Zealand! 😱😱 I was at the official reopening of the marina in Kaikoura, exactly one year to the day after the earthquake, when a pod of killer whales was spotted off the coast. Luckily for us we were able to jump on board with Whale Watch Kaikoura for a personal encounter. This is only my second time seeing orca in the wild and I never expected to see them so close to home. @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
Good morning everyone! I was trying to shoot a landscape shot that actually shows how unique it is to see snow capped mountains against the ocean and it’s hard to do from land. Haha. But yeah, that’s what you’ll see in Kaikoura New Zealand. 🗻🌊🐋 @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
I’m not sure how many people know this but the MAIN thing that makes Kaikoura so unique is the Kaikoura Canyon just off shore, so deep that it attracts many deep water species that in turn attract WHALES! The Kaikoura Canyon is a part of the Hikurangi Trench and is just 500 meters off the coast and up to 1.2 km deep! Imagine a drop off in the ocean that is so sudden and so deep? It’s like having the deepest parts of the ocean at your doorstep! Because of this underwater canyon system Kaikoura attracts SO. MANY. ANIMALS! And that includes this Sperm Whale, shot from a light plane with ‘Wings Over Whales.’ Sperm whales are the largest of the toothed whales in the world and very rare and special to see. As they feed in really deep water you have to be patient to see them on the surface breathing, which they do for roughly 10 minutes before taking a massive dive back down. 🐋😱 @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
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I’m interrupting my Kaikoura goodness to remind you all to watch the Choice Hotels Hashtags this weekend as our twenty finalists head out to capture Australia. And don’t forget to follow @Choice_Hotels_Au to automatically go into the competition to win free accomodation! The hashtags to watch are - #ChoiceTravelGrammer2017 #ChoiceHotelsAU
If you want snow capped mountains, Norfolk pines and glorious ocean all in the one place then you’ve got it in Kaikoura! 😱😱 This was my second sunset and it so did not disappoint. I’m currently staying at the White Morph, which is on the waterfront, and these views were a short walk across the road. The guys and I bided our time before sunset by playing the ‘rock game’ and then this happened resulting in much chaos! Oh, you don’t know what the rock game is? Guess you’ll have to come for a sunset with me one day to find out. 😂😂 @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ 🔥🔥
And now, Kaikoura! 😱😱 For those that missed my story I am now in Kaikoura New Zealand for a very special week that remembers the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck in November last year. This has been a trialing time for the locals of Kaikoura but there’s a lot of hope on the horizon with the reopening of the jetty tomorrow and a date set for the northbound highway to reopen too. It’s too big a statement to say that it’s business as usual in Kaikoura but I can officially say that Summer 2017 is open! If you’re traveling to New Zealand I would encourage you to support this incredible destination. These are yellow lupines (unfortunately weeds, but pretty ones) shot at the beach near Hapuku Lodge where I stayed my first two nights. 💛💛💛 @KaikouraNZ #KaikouraNZ
User Image laurenepbath Posted: Nov 11, 2017 9:00 PM (UTC)
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For those that have been following along on the competition I’ve been involved with to find Australia’s next top Instagrammer, Choice Hotels are also giving you the chance to win your own weekend away. It’s actually the easiest competition to enter on Instagram 😂😂. Are you ready? Follow the @choice_hotels_au page. That’s it. You could be staying at one of their many Aussie properties. So do it. 😍❤️
AT LAST! I can a) share this photo I’ve been dying to share for ages and b) share the twenty finalists for the Choice Hotels competition to find Australia’s next top Instagrammer! I am tagging in all 20 amazing photographers who will be competing to win an exclusive mentoring experience with me and of course @Choice_Hotels_Au who are making this all possible! #ChoiceTravelGrammer2017 📷😍😱❤️🧐 Congrats to the finalists, catch you all next Tuesday for your webinar. Xxx
User Image laurenepbath Posted: Nov 10, 2017 5:00 AM (UTC)
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Afternoon all! Apart from all of my amazing travels this year I’m also thrilled to be partnering with some incredible brands on an ongoing basis, @Bose being one of the biggest! I’ve used Bose headphones since I got into full time travel so it was surreal when I found out one of their marketing specialists has followed me on Instagram for years. 🙊🙊 Anyway I’m creating some shots for their social media this year but I also want to shout it from the rooftop how rad their gear is! These are my faves, the #QC35 ‘s, which I let Jewels touch for this photo but not keep. Because they are mine, my precious. 🎧💍😂 #MyBose #BoseAustralia
I wanted to share something really beautiful with you, and maybe an awesome Christmas idea. It’s a photo book! Now I’ve had some pretty bad photo books in my time and I wasn’t ready to commit to spreading the word for these guys unless I had a physical copy in my hands and I was happy with it. Momento delivered massively! From the packaging to the unveiling and the incredible quality I fell in love with my book immediately. Even my mum wants to borrow it to take it on her work rounds. Haha. I am legit obsessed with it. Now, this is a sponsored post and I am being paid for it BUT the post was on the proviso that I love the product and I love it so much that I’ve put the link in my profile to their site and I’m going to add some shots of the book to my story, both extras that I am not obliged to do. So if you do want to print something really special and beautiful I would recommend them 100%. It’s @momentophotobooks 📒❤️😍📷
User Image laurenepbath Posted: Nov 6, 2017 8:05 PM (UTC)
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THIS! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 This is the Quiraing, even the name sounds mysterious and wonderful. The Quiraing is a landslip in Isle of Skye on the Trotternish Ridge and I found it after someone told me to find “the road that runs through the middle of Isle of Skye that isn’t well signed”. With those super clear directions I did some sleuthing and found it! There’s a nearly 7km hike through high cliffs, plateaus and pinnacles and I actually did it. It was quite the saga due to plenty of intermittent rain, winds and a slippery death track down. 😂😂 It was also one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life and gave me an amazing sense of accomplishment.
User Image laurenepbath Posted: Nov 5, 2017 9:53 PM (UTC)
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Good morning, I’m alive! (I’ve had a short break from online while I’ve been away) 🌈🌍 I’ve just spent two weeks in the U.K, most of it in Scotland, with my family and I’ve been back dying of jet lag for about five days. I’ve actually had a break, a real break. But today it’s back at the desk and time to start planning the rest of this years adventures. This is the best rainbow I’ve ever seen, pictured from the path of the Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye. Isle of Skye is disputably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been with dynamic light, great hikes and stunning landscapes.
It’s my last post for the World Solar Challenge and it’s fitting that I shot this in Adelaide where the finishing line was. Regardless of where the teams placed I think anyone that crossed that line is exceptional. 3,000 kilometers of outback road in cars only powered with the energy of the sun. Amazing! @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
Morning! Okay, this is my second last shot from the World Solar Challenge. I just love this part of Australia so much and it was a dream come true to have the time to drive and shoot it again. Have an amazing day everyone. Xx @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp