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Whole team of doctors in Mom's room. She's going home today. Yay. Home Hospice starts tomorrow. #smacancer
  • dmathias 268w ago

    Much love and many prayers for you and your mom, JSW.

  • May God comfort, strengthen and carry you all

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"Converse and Corsages" Homecoming 2017. My monkeys attended their first homecoming last night. And they did it in style and in their own style, which is what I love about them the most. They had a fantastic time and I am just so proud of them. Thank you Buffye Hooper Mencke, Tracy Skalberg- Preister and so many others who helped make last night so magical and for inviting this wonderful group of teenagers to your home. Blessed. #hoco2k17 #elkorn #twindrums
This guy certainly has a "leg up" on the whole relaxation thing.
Just enjoying my "new" old telephone bench along with my "new" old telephone. Thanks Daniel for the awesome ☎️. I love it!
Happy Birthday AGAIN @hlw49ers and @campbell.windrum!! 🎉🍕🎂👩‍❤️‍👩🎈
#spottedonmywalk at @papionrd A mama turkey and her babies and several deer. What a wonderful lunch break. #papioperks
Happy 14th birthday to my monkeys!! I am so proud of the young women you have become. I love this picture because it shows you like to have fun, but especially with each other. That is what life is all about- love, laughter, loyalty...and more love! Oh, and koala bears...and cats...and cookie dough...and...more love!
I must say, I am digging my new lamp. 🔌💡
You guys! Look at my adorable, itty bitty, mini panda stapler!
Soooooo excited about my purchase today! Mid Century Modern telephone bench.
It's ALWAYS worth taking a few seconds (or many more) to roll back your office chair and check out the scenery.
Ahhhhhhhhh. So beautiful!
I HAVE AN OWL OUTSIDE MY OFFICE DOOR! His name is Finn, a beautiful #Barnowl. He's inside cooling down a bit before he meets dozens of school kids as part of @papionrd's education outreach program. HOOOOOO else can say they got to brainstorm with an owl today? #PapioPerks #papionrd #barnowl #nature