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Tourists also enjoying autumn in Vancouver. So much vibrant fall colours in the city this time of year
Thanksgiving Autumn sunsets. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year when I can bring out the cozy sweaters and jackets
Not related to the photo but I like to stop being sick 😷 any day now...any time soon would be better
Pure focus and concentration on preparing colorful cured salted eggs
Back to that Pacific Northwest vibes. Instead of taking in the last days of summer I’ve been enjoying four walls, computer screens, and air conditioner air. Side trips and up in the air adventures coming soon
The last days of summer in Vancouver. As much as I enjoy the sun, I do prefer crisp fall air and the coziness of sweater weather
The calm before the literal storm. Stay safe Florida. Thinking about @northernlightdesign and the kids🙍🏻
Dreamy sunny Vancouver day or also known as I didn't realize my lens was dirty
Like a flashback to 1960s beach blanket bingo. Wish I can chill out and surfs up everyday just like him.
Fishing with a bit of patience and beer
As you can tell, I've been playing with video editing while on vacation. It's been kinda fun. Suggestions on a good video editing app that allows me to do more advanced editing?