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All the best shoes come from China 👌🏻
Throwback to the time my demons didn't have faces and all resided in my head. Ah, those were the days. Lol.
Because Badgers make everything infinitely better ☕️👌🏻
Asda bed linen really is the one 👌🏻
I've barely touched energy drinks for the last week and feel a million times better for it. This shit is most definitely the better option as far as refreshments go👌🏻
Holiday treasures 💎 so lucky to have found me a man that, when I can't decide, says "why don't we get you both?"
Well, Cyprus, you've been amazing and I can't say I'm not a little bit sad to be leaving all this glorious weather behind 😢 But at least I know that with this guy by my side, I'll never be short of sunshine in my life ☀️💖
How did I only just discover mojitos and omg is this what pre-emptive regret tastes like?? I think it might be but I'm way past caring.
Tfw you order the lamb and it turns out to be an entire fucking lamb 😂👌🏻
Tfw your boyfriend serves you up a nice cold can of Hell for breakfast 😂👌🏻
When people you stopped caring about a long time ago suddenly expect you to give a shit 😂👌