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foxslane 268w ago
Look, it's Pippi Longstocking!!!! #bookweek

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the gold at the end of the long dark winter ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
We're pouring everything into jars and filling up the kitchen shelves and trying to decide if we can be neat and minimalist enough to do without a pantry. What do you think? Could you? 🌻🌻
taking advantage of a sneaky snippet of spring this afternoon to dance through the daffodils 🌼
The best place to watch a storm pass through. Farmer Bren 👨🏼‍🌾 promises me it's going to be a warm October so I'm trying my hardest to enjoy the last few weeks of the slow, cold and wet. Gosh a bit of sunshine would be wonderful though wouldn't it. ☀️🌻☀️🌻
And we're back up and running!! Hooray!!Thank you guys for your messages over the past three days, they meant the world to me. And now for a little bit of snow from yesterday - because seriously - if it snows and you don't Instagram it, did it really snow? ⛄️
I hope your weekend is wonderful ♥️
on the last day of winter the ☀️ came out, i wore a tee-shirt while working in the garden and i took some photos of the socks i've knitted recently. butterflies danced in my tummy as i watched the bees and thought of spring and all of her possibilities. 💛 happy days 🌿
the socks I am knitting - I wrote a little story about how they nearly almost became a book on my blog (link in profile ) - they're not going to be a book but they are my only weekend plans at the moment and that makes me very happy indeed. I hope your weekend is filled with wonderful things that make you smile too. xx
What would you call a cross between a cup and a bowl? I have no idea, but farmer Bren @dayorganics made one out of Native Cherry wood and I think I'm in love ♥️
Over the years I've taken so many photos of the front of the cubby but never the back. Over the years we've spent so much time sitting on the deck of the cubby but never inside. Now that they've pulled off the tin and fitted the windows, now that he's lit the pot belly stove and turned it into a wood-workshop, it's one of my favourite views and one of my favourite places to be. It's cozy, it smells like wood shavings and I ♥️ it in there.
It's Tuesday and those tacos 🌮 aren't going to cook themselves, but first, five more minutes in the green house 🏡
it's hailing outside 🌨
It's FREEEEEEZING here and I'm knitting my farmer boy a hot water bottle cover with a tractor on it. If you could have anything at all knitted into a hot water bottle cover what would it be? I think I'd like three little girls on mine, or a sheep maybe 🐑. x
tea time ♥️ ☕️ 🌿
the first spoon to be carved in his tiny new wood studio
last year or the year before i used to use the hashtag #thingsiloveaboutwinter today would absolutely fit into that category
a row of potted green for the green-house 🌿