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bebehblog 268w ago
I can't think of a nicer place for us all to take a little car nap

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So in high school I was in theater (or as we called it, DRAMA) and thanks to Facebook I've been able to keep track of many, many of my interesting friends over the years. One of them just released a self-care subscription box called @haventreebox and was kind enough to send me one. I am in LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Two craft projects, a beautiful necklace, an amazing blanket my kids are already trying to claim, journals, natural deodorant and great info and tips for how to best enjoy your items (like the reminder it is totally ok if your crafting isn't perfect or if it takes you 6 months to do one project). It's so perfect! I cannot wait to make some space in our week for my self care. @merhartley you are a rockstar.
Faaaaaaaaaaaall 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
Fresh, warm apple cider and a unicorn dress, headed to Chowder Days to get some clam fritters. Caroline is living the perfect fall life 🍁🍁🍁
Pirate of the porch, defending of deliveries.
Took my pirates down to Mystic to try some macarons, since Caroline is obsessed with baking shows and swore she'd never had a macaron before. We liked pistachio best. #siftmystic #pirateinvasion #mystic
We found 5 stamps out of 16 before we called it a day, but we'll be back to find more! Corn mazes are an A+ way to wear out the kids. #fallaf #cornmaze🌽 #iphone7plus #portraitmode
Some people are obsessed with fizzy water flavors, I'm obsessed with @halotopcreamery flavors. #halotop #halotopaddict #pancakesandwaffles
Gorgeous night at the @bozrahfarmersmarket 💙 Plus we ran into people I know, people the kids know, and made a new friend with a cool camera.
I should have just named him "Poor choices" since those are the only two words I say to him all day. #hesstuck #again
Linc sleeps with the big kids. It's the best. He picked the top bunk tonight, so Evan read him to sleep. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #brothers
This baby hates bottles but loves nursing. Luckily now he can have both with @thebreastfeedingbottle. You guys, it's just like a boob. He this it's hilarious. (Swipe to see how confused he is about how this can be real.) Check them out if you have a fussy, picky baby you can never leave for more than a couple hours without worrying they're screaming for milk #Ifeelyourpain #allmybabieshatedbottles #untilnow #breastfeeding #thebreastfeedingbottle #guidanceguide #parentalguidance #officialpgambassador #realreviewsforrealparents #spon
It's Big E day! Bought Pez and taffy in the Connecticut building, now we're going to find some deep fried food and rides #CTVisit #TheBigE
Going to school has improved 100% since his first day. No more tears! #bigkid #prek #readytogo
I took the boys to @naskartracing to try the trampolines while Caroline was at cheer. They had so much fun we went back after we picked her up so she could jump too. Everyone there was SO nice, the kids had a blast, and we are definitely going back. #naskart #trampoline #jump #slowmotion
He's just the best baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️