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Starting the road trip by delivering Scout to her grandparents. She's being a good copilot (kind of)

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Saturday night: I'm gonna wake up early and be so productive tomorrow.
Sunday morning: ...
When it rains at your wedding and no one even cares because you're the cutest ever... #thechaseisover
He asked about my car insurance, and then he licked my shave ice. 🦎
Grabbing dinner with my beb before heading back to the Big Island. 🗺
Spent the day exploring the Waipio Valley with my new friend Jessie. I've never ridden a horse before but I'd definitely do it again!
Finally made it to #cinespia to see a movie on the lawn at Hollywood Forever! Watching The Wizard of Oz on the big screen with my beb. 🌈❤
Congratulations to this beautiful woman and her wonderful husband! Love you #nickandcaro! #herhandtohold