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natgeo 268w ago
Credit: photo by @lynseyaddario. On way to notting hill #carnival today
  • paulinf5 268w ago

    @ain-nedla first I am open-minded with the style of life and behaviors of this women... with the cultural, differences et cetera. Then, faar then, Ill be open-minded with your limited opinion about the photo.

  • People. Its a women who isn't a twig. Big whoop. Shes still beautiful.

  • tabgar205 268w ago

    Beautiful. You are someones daughter, sister, and maybe wife. are a beautiful creation.

  • @tomicateager lol lol. Yes!

  • Why is natgeo posting THIS?!

  • is she @kimkardashian ?

  • Damn @natgeo ...this is insulting. You may get reported for this exploiting ignorance!

  • Don't like! Can't believe natgeo post it!

  • monteh 268w ago

    What does this have to do with natgeo??

  • I don't know what's your intention. Why are you posted this?

  • bubbukeni 268w ago

    Why are you all so cranky? Nothing's wrong with the figure, it's everyday life 💚

  • This is a real person. Not simply an image. Anyone who is offended by this needs to think twice. The hatred expressed in response to this post is disgusting and not worth recording.

  • @natgeo, You folks suck, total amateurs. I ain't following you any further.

  • Ain't is an ignorant word in an ignorant statement!!

  • Natgeo why did you post this?

  • Because every woman is Beautiful....

  • Huge helipad! lOL

  • inovegajr 268w ago

    Boom! @winchiet still confused? :D

  • glnguyen 268w ago

    @anhdeee @myviet alllllllll you's

  • aldendoy 268w ago

    @kool_thing Showing a saggy breasted woman in a tribe could be part of that tribe's culture. This picture, however, shows nothing. No culture whatsoever. It maybe part of whatever culture you're talking about but it is an unhealthy one. The photo is devoid of any artistic value. This is National Geographic after all, not, MTV. I have nothing against this lady. But NatGeo shouldn't have posted such a mediocre picture.

  • @ais_nedla cry us a river

  • aldendoy 268w ago

    @paulinf5 But, of course, I have limited opinion on an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • @kool_thing saggy breasted tribal woman? Oh so you want dem tittays perky?

  • She got a donk

  • valiant_ 268w ago

    @usenjaya 😂😂😂

  • neriorus 268w ago


  • brodose 268w ago


  • Yikes

  • mk54 268w ago


  • markscruz 268w ago


  • Somebody blocked the road

  • R augusta de domingo @alex_raamos kkkkkkkkk

  • sgissy 268w ago


  • Wow 😲

  • UXXuuuu

  • 25threezy 268w ago

    Wow natgeo. Way to capture it.

  • @a_amooon اعرف، بس امزح وياتش.. قرأتي الكمنتس؟!! ناس يالسين يظاربون بعد ! هههههههه! بس انا معاش، الصوره مو ستايل نات جيو! I love NatGeo ;)

  • Most people wouldn't think twice if this was a woman that was a size 2. The disturbing part is that photo shows no culture what so ever and its poor photography. I could take my Nikon and take a photo of women walking down the street as well. Does that make me qualified to be a photographer for natgeo as well?

  • شو هذي المصخره

  • @a_amooon شكلا المصور علج في مكان ثاني هههههههه!!!! دوم احضر نات جيو وااالد !! El wild Africa is amazing !!!! Lions hunting!! Survival of the. Fittest ;)

  • @a_amooon me too!! El channel bkbra 7lew!!! 😁

  • Jajajaja

  • Wow

  • dbaleixo 268w ago

    Not funny! Not nice!

  • davide214 268w ago

    Lmao definatly a surprize, always uploading good pictures. Bahaha somebodys a freak xD

  • sienberri 268w ago

    Oh my...

  • Hmm you should delete this, it's mean !!

  • That's a huge bitch!

  • Funny plers

  • Lol philippnp

  • Lolololololol @natgeo for this shot

  • At least she has confidence!

  • tremia216 268w ago

    That's big sexy can't nobody tell her she ain't all that cause she know she is do your thing girl

  • Did she know y'all were takin her picture

  • moayad_n1 268w ago

    Nice spot the photogrspher got

  • Another photo shot just to get a reaction?

  • kriskabas 268w ago

    @inesgloria you are hard not to spot!

  • mansor.a 268w ago

    عبده! !

  • What is the point of this shot?! It's embarrassing compared to the quality of other shots showcased on this page. Carnival provides for virtually unlimited photographic opportunities filled with color, energy and CULTURE! This is just a photo of random behinds!! It isn't even an interesting picture of behinds! Where's the draw in it? Not composition, angle, lighting...??!! I couldn't be more disappointed that this is how Notting Hill was portrayed. Did the photographer not actually see the parade?! Is this the best you could come up with to showcase such an incredible cultural event bursting with life?!! I'd have preferred you posted nothing at all.

  • Art is an equal opportunity art form

  • hajeey_ 268w ago

    @arlankhneferet couldn't have said it better myself.

  • @arlankneferet it's funny caz there fat black chicks

  • Ignorance is a bliss!!! This has nothing to do with National Geographic. WOW!!!

  • dcluvs4 267w ago

    @natgeo -thanks for further proving that we live in a disrespectful racist would have never posted a picture of 3 white women's behinds...smh Sad.

  • aetif 267w ago

    This is no good. :(

  • k.arle.e 267w ago

    Really dude Thts gross ur not good

  • @lynseyaddario y no talent?

  • dixieb 267w ago

    Welcome to Memphis

  • aldendoy 267w ago

    @henry_1436 That pic is taken at England. Not America.

  • V 12

  • @dixieb hahah, soo true!

  • This is ridiculous, a couple of the @natgeo photographers need to be dropped.

  • Wow I can't say anything

  • This is brazil!!! It's what it's all about and it's great

  • #FIRED! why would yoi put this!?!

  • Well said👍👍👍👍

  • @minuhen Exactly what I was thinking.

  • @minuhen *claps* f yeah! It's called culture. in some cultures being "big" is a luxury and is a image of health/reproductive ability.

  • @sluggomcfancypants America only considers being "big" as negative because we have so much food and junk to eat, that's it's actually hard to stay "thin". Read an anthropology book and open that mind up.

  • @mistressmj You are kidding right? Morbid obesity is a result of having too much food to eat? In the lower class neighborhood of Chicago where I live, obesity and its accompaniments, diabetes and heart disease, take a huge toll on the lives of latinos and blacks. It is not because there is too much food available but actually a "food desert" where there are few choices besides Walgreen's and Popeye's and the dollar store. A bag of mega-processed starch is breakfast for many school kids. I assume that this happens because their sole caretaker, their mother, has gone to work already and thus they fend for themselves at the corner store. Those bad habits carry them through life. Put down your book and go for a walk and open your eyes.

  • @sluggomcfancypants the ignorance/laziness/helplessness/maladaptive thinking of some is not the true reflection of all in a country. I'd like to see you walk into a fresh and easy with a homeless individual so you can buy them a meal for the day or trail mix and water for the week........

  • @sluggomcfancypants and yes the homeless around here have enough sense to know potato chips won't last long for their bodies.....maybe Chicago is a different culture.

  • It's nice to see so many PERFECT PPL. I'm sure none of you are flawed. Damn.

  • @linsie_francy this one is much more "you"

  • jaifett 265w ago

    love the comment @minuhen

  • jaifett 265w ago

    well said, I enjoyed reading your comments toward some of these ignorant people @mistressmj

  • @jnemeth01 thanks. I credit perspective. Some have a closed scope, some have a larger one. I like to keep mine as open as possible. "unlearn what I have learned", as the great master Yoda would put it. ;P

  • jaifett 265w ago

    Yeah These close minded individuals need to open their minds a bit! Yoda is my man I'm a huge Starwars fan 😜 @mistressmj

  • @jnemeth01 in good time they will. Most things learned are through painful and hard ordeals. I like the way Marky marks character in THE OTHER GUYS put it, "I couldn't make fun of them unless I was better at it then them". Lmao. He learned ballet just so he could make fun of a kid.

  • @jnemeth01 "you guys think all that prancing and jumping around like faggots is hard, well it's not!" does a difficult ballet move. "see!", then walks out. Lmao

  • jaifett 265w ago

    Hahaha that's a good way to put it. Yes I was a closed minded adolescent at one time in my life and it took plenty of hard ordeals to make me realize my mistakes. We all go through it. It's a part of growing up @mistressmj

  • jaifett 265w ago

    Yeah that was a funny movie and mark did great in it @mistressmj

  • @minuhen np. ;P @jnemeth01 deep movie and def funny

  • @dcluvs4 Race card? Really? Yes, this is a pretty terrible photo especially for nat-geo and I'm not sure an explanation in the caption would have helped much. But pulling out a comment like that is just as stupid as the picture.

  • @lynseyaddario what was the purpose of this shot? If it was about obesity in America I would get it but I am lost and not impressed by Natgeo right now which is shocking. Wondering if this is even an official page...

  • Wowwww

  • I think EVERYONE is going a bit too deep with this. Stop making it about, race, class or obesity. Instead of automatically thinking this picture was taken with negative intentions..find the beauty in it. Maybe that's what wrong with America and or the World in general, not the other issues mentioned..but that negativity breeds negativity and that's too often the first thougt patterns displayed by people.

  • *thought

  • *thought

  • @breezy_1017 I like your fresh kind outlook but I just don't see the beauty. I would agree with you if there was something else in the picture but there isn't. A carnival is tagged but I see no rides/happy faces/people eating carnival food/whatever. Now lets say the carnival wasn't the subject of the photo, ok, well what is? I just see some girls walking down a boring road with some everyday looking trees hiding to the sides.

  • @barbsab its not that kind of carnival. It's more like Mardi Gras

  • What people aren't realizing is this is an average American

  • If you have some stupid shots then keep them in your camera!

  • @rian_dillon twins! Lol in skyping with the demon-_-

  • rdillonn 262w ago

    teehee I need deets

  • @rian_dillon she's telling me how she thinks sonum is weird

  • All I want for my birthday is a !

  • tashh_r 256w ago

    @barbsab its a street party. We call it carnival invthe uk. Music dancing and costumes kinda like rio carnival brazil

  • ewwwwww. If you will excuse me i will now throw up

  • Is that @fazzyfresh on a hot summer day?

  • @jacopo1201 & @gmix89 : senza commento.

  • @sabrinameazzi & @gmix89 mi soffermerei ( ok, termine inappropriato ) su quel coso che ha a tracolla .....👀

  • gmix89 245w ago

    @jacopo1201 @sabrinameazzi fà pandan con i pantaloncini!!!WOOOW UAHHAHA

  • knkqatar 245w ago

    @sadeemfr looooool

  • I'd tap that ooosh

  • nsparling 156w ago

    @sharelee13 @micala_france she dumbbbb thick

  • b4ae ليزر موهای زايد ويژه ی بانوان تنها مركزی كه نتيجه را به صورت كتبی در يك قرارداد درمانی تضمين مي كند . با دستگاه الکس امريكا ، کندلا ( جنتل مکس پرو ) داراي طول موج الكساندرايت و طول موج ان دی / یاگ قيمت استثنايی در كنار كيفيت عالی در محيطی مناسب تحت نظر پزشك تمام بدن و صورت چهار صد هزار تومان محل مطب : زعفرانيه تلفن مشاوره : 02126231914 09355353220 @moonesteymoori @taranebimaki @kimiya.maroufi @ayda_frj @_miss_saheb f4a55eda-0580-479f-89f4-a4fd6459bd5d

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natgeo 1h ago
With @jenniferhayesig A harp seal mother and pup rest on the sea ice covering the Gulf of St Lawrence near Prince Edward Island. Harp seals are born on the ice in late February and nursed for 12 to 15 days before their mothers abandon them to mate and migrate out of the Gulf. Higher than normal temperatures have caused the formation of weak sea ice platforms that collapse beneath the pups before they are able swim an survive. Some years have seen 90% plus mortality of pups in the Gulf. Some scientists speculate that harp seal populations are shifting away from the Gulf where young are unable to survive to return and reproduce. I look forward to returning to continue document their life in the ice in March 2018 . // from on @natgeo assignment Generous Gulf with @DavidDoubilet and videographer/ guide MarioCyr. // #Madison Wisconsin You are Invited to join us Nov 14 at Overture Center for Arts for Nat Geo Live Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice to share an evening of how I was bitten and saved by harp seals. // #ocean #harpseal #climatechange #baby #beauty #epic #Canada #gratitude
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Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto /// Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania - A group of Maasai children are playing outside of their village along the road B144 #tanzania #maasai #children #ngorongoro #nationalpark #africa #playing
natgeo 8h ago
Photo: @andy_mann // An offshore breaker forms and spills over a deep seamount in the Savage Islands a few minutes after we surface from a deep dive. The rocky islands, located 200 miles off shore are visible through the barrel. Moments like this stop you in your tracks and have a way of slowing down time. The ocean holds so many secrets. Shot #onassignment for @natgeopristineseas // #followme @andy_mann to see this wave turn into a sea monster.
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 9:59 PM
74,209 Normal
natgeo 12h ago
Photograph by @brentstirton | Poachers killed this black rhinocerous for its horn with high-caliber bullets at a water hole in South Africa’s Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. They entered the park illegally, likely from a nearby village, and are thought to have used a silenced hunting rifle. Once the most numerous rhino species, black rhinos are now critically endangered due to poaching and the illegal international trade in rhino horn, one of the world’s most corrupt illegal wildlife networks.
@brentstirton was awarded the prestigious @nhm_wpy Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 title for this compelling image taken on assignment for @natgeo. Brent’s image will be on display with other images selected by an international panel of judges at the 53rd Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the @natural_history_museum in London. #WPY53
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Photo by @chamiltonjames \ Charlie Hamilton James. A rabbit bounds through a camera trap near Big Piney, Wyoming. The camera trap was set up to photograph animals moving through the sage brush desert - specifically for bobcats. I generally leave the cameras out for months in order to get images of as many different species as possible. Yesterday I checked this camera and I've clearly set it up in an area very popular with rabbits and not bobcats as I seem to have hundreds of images of them. Shot on assignment for @natgeo
natgeo 17h ago
Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) Refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan sleep on the ground of an abandoned warehouse where they took refuge in Belgrade, Serbia. For more photos of the refugee crisis follow @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen
natgeo 19h ago
Video by @joelsartore | Northern white-faced owls like this one at the @cincinnatizoo are native to dry woodland forests and the scattered trees in the savannah of Northern and Central Africa. When encountering a large predator in nature, these owls will attempt to blend in with their environment by pulling their feathers inward and narrowing their eyes to slits in order to appear more like a broken tree branch. However, if they are approached by a creature their own size or just slightly larger, they will spread their wings wide in hopes that their enlarged appearance will scare their attacker away.
Owls’ eyes are fixed in position so they are unable to move them like humans can. In situations where an owl needs to analyze its surroundings, their extremely flexible necks compensate for their lack of eye movement. Owls can rotate their heads 270 degrees around and almost upside down in order to check its surroundings.
natgeo 20h ago
Photo by @kirstenluce. Colombian tour operators such as On Vacation bring their guests to Monkey Island (Isla de los Micos) where you can be photographed with the dozens of small monkeys who live there. The monkeys are not native to this island and were brought here solely for tourists' enjoyment. To read more about animal exploitation in the Amazon, look for the article on
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @BrianSkerry.
Fish sweep over a garden of hard corals on a seamount in a remote part of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Coral is susceptible to changes in seawater temperature and salinity, and presently nearly half of the ocean’s shallow corals have been degraded or killed. Creating large marine protected areas that keep ecosystems intact and resilient has helped combat these adverse effects. Marine conservation equals climate stability.

For more ocean images and stories follow me, @BrianSkerry, on Instagram.
@thephotosociety @natgeocreative

#coral #reef #explore #nature #ocean #pristine #conservation #climate #change #protect #photooftheday #follow #followme #instagood #fish #travelphoto #travelphotography #travel #coralreef
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @christian_foto ( Christian Rodriguez )
View of San Francisco Bay salt.
Since 1854, salt is one of San Francisco’s largest industries, with over 80% of its wetlands developed for salt mining. The salt ponds cover over 16,500 acres, most of which was owned by Cargill, Inc., an international food production and marketing company. In 2003, Cargill, Inc. sold 15,100 acres of the ponds to state and federal agencies, as well as private foundations, who are now in the process of restoring the land to its pristine tidal wetland beginnings.

Photo by @christian_foto #salt #bay #instagram #sanfrancisco
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @FransLanting Palm trees dot a savanna in southern Madagascar. Once this great island supported an amazing cast of animal characters from pygmy hippos to giant tortoises with lemurs the size of gorillas and flightless elephant birds mixed in. They disappeared after humans colonized Madagascar some two thousand years ago. In many ways Madagascar is a microcosmos of our planet in peril. Follow me @FransLanting for more images from this remarkable Island.
@thephotosociety @natgeotravel @natgeocreative #Madagascar #discover #explore #nature #wonder #amazing
natgeo 1d ago
Photo @michaelchristopherbrown.
A young native crosses White Clay Creek, which flows through the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The eighth-largest Indian Reservation, Pine Ridge is larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined.
natgeo 1d ago
Image by @joelsartore | The Pallas Long-tongued bat from @HoustonZoo is the star of this #pollinatormonday and can be found from Northern Mexico all the way to Paraguay and Argentina. This little bat is thought to have the fastest metabolism of all mammals, similar to that of the hummingbird. In a single day, this bat can use up to 50% of its stored fat! The Pallas long-tongued bat earned its name for one reason: it has a specially evolved tongue that makes collecting nectar a breeze. When the bat extends its tongue, blood rushes into the area and expands special hair-like barbs on the bat's tongue, causing these barbs to stand upright. The barbs function like a mop and allow the bat to pull a great amount of nectar into its mouth in a very short amount of time, making it a highly efficient snacker. Indeed, it lives almost entirely off of nectar and pollen but is known to eat pieces of fruit and insects as well. Its quest for nectar results in the transport of a great amount of pollen from one flower to the next on its fur and snout, allowing it to pollinate as many as 34 different species of fruits and flowers. Many plant species also rely on this bat for seed dispersal when they pass through the droppings, allowing reseeding that's automatically fertilized in the process.
#bats #bat #pollinatorhero #pollinator #nature #conservation #biodiversity #animalfacts #wildlife #wildlifephotography #natgeo #savetogether #photoark
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @petekmuller. While on assignment for @natgeo in Kenya’s Masai Mara, I witnessed the rescue of a young, male elephant calf. He’d been separated from his herd and, alone on the savanna, was vulnerable to predators. Park officials launched a rescue operation that was inspiring, chaotic and comedic at once. Here, we see the team attempting to subdue the calf before transporting him safely to an orphanage in Nairobi. Wary of risks related to over-sedation, the veterinary team was conservative in its dosage. For more on the operation, Check out my full dispatch on @natgeo and follow me @petekmuller.
natgeo 1d ago
Photo: @andy_mann // An expressive Oceanic Whitetip Shark off the coast of Cat Island, Bahamas. Assessed as Critically Endangered in the Western Central Atlantic due to enormous declines in their population, some studies show a decline of over 99% in the last 30 years. For three years I've been working in the Bahamas with great organizations and biologists to tag and track pregnant female Whitetips, in hopes of learning where this evasive, pelagic shark goes to give birth. It is an absolute honor to be the water this this amazing shark. If we can find and protect their nursing grounds maybe we can help save this species from extinction. // #followme @andy_mann to see a frightening moment when I was suddenly startled at the surface by an unseen Whitetip.
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @williamalbertallard
In 1986 I made my first effort to photograph Paris as an essay called “The Sidewalks of Paris,” for National Geographic Traveler magazine. In the Latin Quarter I made this image of some street artists, some quick portrait sketchers, taking a cigarette break. The warm palette of the image is due to late afternoon sun falling on a collage of posters, old and new, some torn and casting shadows that add to the texture of the wall. A 1986 French-Canadian film called “Anne Trister” echoes itself across the image and forming the top of a triangle above the two artists is the American actor James Cagney, an iconic gangster in films of the 1930s and 40s.

#followme @williamalbertallard for more images from Paris and other assignments over five decades.
#paris #parís #france #parisart #parisstreet #parisstreetart #streetphotography #streetart #streetphotography #streetartists #williamalbertallard #pariseyeoftheflaneur
natgeo 1d ago
Video by @bertiegregory. Glassfish pulsating in a cave in the northern Red Sea, Egypt. The diversity (the number of different species) of coral reefs is mind blowing. It is estimated that whilst they only occupy 1% of the ocean floor, they are home to more than 25% of the ocean's biodiversity! Coral reefs all around the world are in trouble but why should we care? Well, aside from just being awesome, they provide so many functions that are vital to human existence including coastline storm protection, fisheries production, tourism and climate regulation. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures!
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @daviddoubilet. Can you see me? A camouflaged sargassum frogfish hides from predators in the floating golden canopy of algae called sargassum in the Sargasso Sea, Bermuda. Large mats of this floating algae form a living ceiling on the sea providing a nursery for larval species and critical shelter for other vulnerable marine species such as sea turtle hatchlings. // Photographed on @natgeo assignment Sargassum: A Floating Forest // #ocean #sargassum #Bermuda #frogfish #sargassosea for #moreocean follow @daviddoubilet
natgeo 2d ago
Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio
During this week (October 12th-16th) in 1971 the then Shah of Iran hosted days of festivities to mark 2500 years of the Persian Empire (Persian: ‫جشن‌های ۲۵۰۰ سالهٔ شاهنشاهی ایران‬‎‎). The celebration was to demonstrate the country's ancient civilization and showcase its contemporary advancements. These events centred around the archaeological sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae and have been dubbed the most expensive and lavish party in history.

Another image of Persepolis taken in 2008 whilst on assignment for National Geographic Magazine.
Darius I built the greatest palace at Persepolis on the western side of platform. This palace was called the Apadana.[26] The King of Kings used it for official audiences. The work began in 518 BCE, and his son, Xerxes I, completed it 30 years later. The palace had a grand hall in the shape of a square, each side 60m (200ft) long with seventy-two columns, thirteen of which still stand on the enormous platform. Each column is 19m (62ft) high with a square Taurus (bull) and plinth. The columns carried the weight of the vast and heavy ceiling. The tops of the columns were made from animal sculptures such as two-headed lions, eagles, human and Cows, Because cows are symbols of fertility and abundance in ancient Iran .

Follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material.

@natgeo @simonnorfolkstudio
#documentaryphotography #simonnorfolk #archaeology #iran #Persian #Persianempire #Persepolis #shah #Achaemenid #Achaemenidempire #history #heritage #worldheritage #worldheritagesite #shiraz #fars # #party #worldparty #simonnorfolkstudio #documentary #igtravel #visualarchitects @simonnorfolkstudio #lighting #dusk #dariusthegreat #darius
natgeo 2d ago
Photo by @renan_ozturk // Cliff cave art I stumbled into with @taylorfreesolo yesterday at the base of a seldom visited cliff face in the newly appointed Bears Ears National Monument. Spending time in this fragile desert landscape constantly affirmed the need to continue supporting its protection - both in terms of the unique physical ecosystem as well as these rare human expressions of ancient existence. #protectbearsears #publicland #bearsearsnationalmonument