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  Posted: Aug 26, 2012 3:33 PM FEED
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My dad taught me how to change my own oil today. Finally! No more paying someone to do it! I’ve got this! Thanks dad!
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 12:32 PM
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This is paradise. No filter mornings on the mountain. I still can’t believe this is ours.
I really just love taking pictures especially of fun things like pumpkins!
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 9:07 PM
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The PJ Masks. Or the Lesniak Kids either or. 🤣
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 9:32 PM
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And we’re done. Go team!
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 4:20 PM
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Some photos from my volunteer shift! Go runners!
Yellow loop done! One to go! 12 miles done 3.5 to go. So close yet so far away!
Since the dogs are in bed time to get the kids to bed. 👍🏽
He just loves camping and bed. This is his favorite camper ever! #worldbestcampingdog
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 11:52 PM
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Best camping dog ever! 😍
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 8:30 PM
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When you keep saying back but your kid just keeps testing your patience. “But I’m not all the way up there mom.” 🙄