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  Posted: Aug 26, 2012 9:30 AM FEED
9 X-Pro II
Sharing a moment of laughter of which we probably won't remember, but this picture is the only evidence of it. @karolz @jas_bar

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I wanted to buy all the @pendletonwm cute outfits here, then realized I live in California and it will feel like a sauna wearing wool. Portland is forever sweater weather and some. I'm surprised there aren't more babies in this town because of the perfect Netflix and chill weather. Maybe we should move here until I get pregnant. #momhasbeenbuggingforalittleone #exploreoregon🌲 #keepingitweirdat35
We had one too many sours on this day. And it was great. Also, single fellows... if you like beer, drink sours. There were a lot more girls in this brewery than I've ever seen. #girlslikesours #letgoofthatbitterIPA #getlaidwithasour THEN! When you meet her, we can drink together! #youwelcome
That one day we went for a bike ride around the city and it started hailing. But it was fun getting hit in the face (that's what she said) until our hands got frozen so we popped in a local coffee shop to defrost... then went on more adventures. We had soup at the end of that day. It was one of my favorite things we did there. #rainorshinethatdaywasmine 💕#keepingitweirdat35 🦄
Portland, it's been weird. I mean real. I had fun playing normal in your weird town. You have thee best vegan food. Super impressed with the culture in this colorful city. Thanks for filling our bellies up. It was a perfect way to ring in my mid 30's unicorn era. Cheers! We'll be back! 🦄💕✌️🌈#keepportlandweird #itsnotweirditssmart #homemadeeverything #putabirdonit 🐥#keepingitweirdat35
Scandinavian cuisine for brunch where I got smashed on a single Bloody Mary drink which made me take a nap after. #goodstuff #keepingitweirdat35
Great notion brewing. Why? Because they have a blueberry muffin sour ale that makes you call grandma make her bake a pie. #sogood! #portlandyourfruitsaregood #keepingitweirdat35
For birthdays we always have noodles that represent long life. This year jeff took me to a vegan lounge bar that serves (obviously) vegan food. Here we have the best "meatball" spaghetti I've ever had. Sorry Italians, these weirdo portlandias can compete with their fresh veggies.
Also, shoutout to my husband for finding this place that screams my name. 💥🤛 #keepingitweirdat35
That one time a dinosaur almost ran me over 🏃🏻‍♀️🙆🏻
Shortly after we tried Pariah's uni stout. So good! 🙋🏻✌️#incraftwetrust #northparksd
Yesterday we brew, bar and food hopped around North Park. We're in love with this city. 💕 Good job San Diego! #chareffadventures
Posted: Sep 23, 2017 9:54 PM
17 Gingham
This thing fills the void of not having a dog. Meet Uni, the unicorn. 🦄 She is silly and runs in to things. #ifitactslikeadogitisadog