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  Posted: Aug 26, 2012 1:10 AM FEED
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nkivitz 10h ago
For 6 whole months:
I watched a girl I knew through friends of friends post about this company, Rodan & Fields.
Last October I had gotten so desperate trying to find something that worked for my skin, and her before and afters looked too good to be true, that I finally caved. I messaged her. I thought hey, if all else fails, it’s the same price I was spending on ONE facial in NYC so I had nothing to lose.
In one conversation, she had me go from just trying the signing up and starting my own skincare business with her. That’s all it took. One conversation.

It’s been one entire year since I jumped aboard the Rodan & Fields train, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that Cam had that conversation with me. How happy I am that she believed in me 200x more than I believed in myself.
I’ve doubted myself. I’ve had hard months. Slow months. Months where I questioned if I was cut out for this. Months where I convinced myself that I am not a “salesperson”. How the stigma of these “direct selling” companies was too much to overcome, how no one our age would take the time to really listen and learn for themselves what this company was about. How unique it is and how unlike any other company out there it truly is.
It’s been one year and I’ve gone from quietly sharing my business here and there with family and friends, occasionally posting about it when I was brave enough and making enough on the side to pay for my own skincare (which was a win for me!) to becoming fully invested in this business. I believe in it. I believe in what it can do for me and my future. I have big goals, and a large group of women to support me in those goals. I now make enough for extra loan payments, and the trips I desperately want to take. And I do it all on top of a demanding corporate job in marketing. Because ANYONE can do this business.
Behind it all I’ve had Cam cheering me on. Not only do I make extra money, but I’ve gained extra friends, and have surrounded myself with supportive women. She secretly sent me this yesterday, and it made my day more than you know. That’s what this business is about, and I am so, so grateful. l also now have great skin 😉.
Here’s to finding someone who will show up at your door with the grocery store’s stock of pumpkin Halo Top to make you feel better. #latergram #hescheesinghard #weddings #nyc
It’s Wednesday. This work week has felt like a work month. I’m so tired. But instead of climbing into bed and bingeing on hours of more Real Housewives (ugh seriously the best brainless entertainment ever. #notashamed) I unboxed a huge @rodanfields order that I got and made the most ridiculously long and blubbering insta story 👆🏻for you all. With wine. No makeup. In my favorite piece of clothing (geneseo sweatshirt duh.). I’m cringing as I rewatch it but also it was really fun. 😂🤗 #skincarebusiness #sidehustle
There is about to be three epic new Rodan & Fields products available that are changing the skincare game.

And though I can’t wait to share them with you, it’s our core products, OUR REGIMENS, that put us on the map.

Big girl skincare. You need this in your life. Seriously.
The prettiest work views to end this #Monday.
And closing out #WeddingSeason2017 with the whole Kivitz clan 🤗. A wonderful night celebrating Chelsea and Alex!
Reason 1547384 why I love @rachaelmtp so much: she wants to do a cross stitch 🌵class in #Brooklyn for her birthday. Here's to many, many more adventures with you my dear friend. May this year be your best one yet ❤️. #biglittlesoulmates
Just going to keep looking and posting and pretending I'm still here...#tbt.
Zach: "Those shoes are aggressive". Nicole: "I know, they're perfect". 😍
Posted: Sep 20, 2017 1:10 AM
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Summer's almost over! Time to reverse that sun damage. I got the goods! 🙌🏼 #cleantheslate #glowgirl #nofilter #RF #rodanandfields #lashes #lashboost #rodanandfieldslashboost #beforeandafter
A wedding and weekend we will never forget 🍾✨. #dankortskc
The fact that this is the view I'm waking up to all weekend has me pinching myself. I could get used to this French countryside living 😍.