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  Posted: Aug 25, 2012 10:48 PM FEED
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  • love u

  • @davidluiz_4 please join barca

  • R u ok

  • Yo're amazing! Blue forever, Right?

  • وه يآزينك يآخي

  • Jogou bem hj!

  • Hope your head is alright! I almost cried seeing u in pain!

  • Hope that You re better now:/ we love you

  • @the_real_taylor_lautner_10 your name alone shows you know nothing about anything

  • How is your head now ? xD

  • Bitch chelsea wont do that only assholes would think so @the_real_taylor_lautner_10

  • great performance last night david, hope you get recovered with your head soon!! all the best!!

  • How is is your head??

  • ilop48 5y ago

    Hope you are feeling better! @davidluiz_4

  • Get well soon.

  • Muchas Gracias!!!!

  • hazard and u r good friends now,isn't it?

  • How about ur head😖✌get well soon. u're really great performance last night👍👍👍

  • Sorte sempre !!

  • How about your head? Get well soon 👦

  • 

  • Get well soon 😢😢😢

  • Get well soon luizzz... For your headddd.. GEEZER

  • Get well soonn luizz! 

  • get well soon!💙😞

  • Get well soon Luiz! #geezers always support you ;)

  • Good game yesterday! The hole team played very well and you made Newcastle look like team in the bottom of the table :) I hope your head is okey!

  • Get well soon! 👍

  • @davidluiz_4 😊😊❤

  • Cutiee get well soon!💙😘 @davidluiz_4

  • 5y ago

    Well done David

  • You simply the best in defence at last nite match. Get well soon luiz. From ur fans in Indonesia

  • onelok 5y ago

    Are u alright?!??!? Take care geezer

  • My time is now lol

  • 😻

  • Davidddd

  • Te amo 😍😍 sonho 😍😍

  • PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE REAAAAD THIS MESSAAGE DAVID LUIZ PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE soo i just waant you to knoow how much i admiree you and lovee you and how lucky you are to have me as a biiiig hugeee enormee faaaan 😎 i love you soo much i really doo and im suuuuuuuure that i will meet you and tell youu every single thing i want to say to yoou but, now i will say this on message : i just want to saay how much i love you so much and how much i annoy my family and friends talking about you all the time i know that you have read like thoses comment for about 1000.. time buut i promeess im sinceere and i really really love youu i just want to tell you that you re the most adorable amazing humble cute funny handsome brave charming person in the world soo if one day you 're like saad or confused or in bed shape or injured or you're like ' je sais pas sque jai ' just remember hoow adoreble you are and hoow amazing you are and how many faans you have and remember that im youre biggest fan 😎 soo pleasee keep being this amazing person and an exemple with amazing personality and pure heart becaause this is one of the mean raison why i lovee youu and adooooore yoou you're amazing free kicks and funny jockes are a raisons why i love you too why i love you sooooooo much and alllll this make yoooou sooooo charming and sooooooo adorable !!!!!!!! that's it i hopee you will read thiis and enjoy reading it and you will feel it and feel my sincerity and my lovee !! sorry foor thiis very baad english ( who is much more better than youre french haha 😎 ) and btw i would love to express my self in portugais but im sooooo bad at it i just knoow some words that i learn watching your interviews and videos !!
    sooo i HOOOOOOOOOOOPE you will reaad this i really dooo
    despite its length ( becaause i deserve it you know i m your biggest faan quand meme THE BIGGEST GEEZER 😎 haha

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Tks for the video my friend @leeparkertv ! Training session 😉⚽️
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Check what he wants...hahaha @charly.musondajr !! @robinho teu filho está aqui, vem buscá-lo ! Hahah