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You'll always be her first. RIP Neil Armstrong

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Just out of earshot from the buzz of Mubarikiya's gentrified 'Somo' district, Abdul Majid and Siraj sewed over a hundred flags during the week leading to Kuwait's liberation and national day celebrations. Occasions like these can triple the earnings of lesser known establishments found in the old Souq.
The @kayak4kuwait team explaining their morning rituals as they kayak from Kuwait to Oman raising awareness on marine environments.
The girl in yellow is definitely vibing to her own tune #heygurl
At some point, our ancestors attempted to build houses. #1200AD
Endless fun or just the last hour of the day
In with the new, my 4th generation sambas continuing a legacy from 1999
No, it doesn't make it easier to play against them just because I'm a head taller
50 fils = two dozen or so moments of joy. #iz3aaj
You'll always be her first. RIP Neil Armstrong
My friends give the best presents.