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Having an Oliver Wyman #glow reunion. #gay And geeking out over #aviation
  • @pburanosky haha nice. You nuts about aviation too? The three of us all worked in mgmt consulting together .... In the aviation practice!

  • @pburanosky and you're right! There is some freakish things about gays and aviation. Perhaps it's those long wide body fuselages....

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A lot has changed for my 👵🏻 mom in the 10 years I’ve lived in NYC (with my sister @laurenprentiss here for almost 9). Before we moved here she had just been once, for the 1964 🌎 World’s Fair. Fast forward ⏩ to this week; she hopped on the LIRR after a weekend in 🏖 Montauk, escaped 🏃🏽‍♀️👜 Penn station, checked into her 🏨 hotel, went 👠 shopping, and later picked me up at my apt for 🍸dinner! She even knew the hotel front desk offering a $65 🚖 taxi to LGA was a rip off and hailed 🙋🏻her own for under $40. #missindependent #momofamanhattanite
All 😁 smiles w these fine gents on a belated bday hike today. A splendid 🙌🏽 start to 🍂 October.
10 years ago I took a one-way flight that has fundamentally changed my life. I never wanted or planned to live in NYC, but the universe had plans for me here (after my job offer said "choose NYC or Chicago, same salary"). I've felt more included, accepted, and appreciated here than anywhere else on earth. As I reflect on what has been a defining decade, here are 10 ways NYC has shaped, taught, and fundamentally made me a better person. 🔹
1 - Opportunities are not something to be found; they are created.
2 - I'm far stronger and more resilient than I know.
3 - Being around people who are very different than me is deeply enriching and I experience just how much we have in common.
4 - Finding the courage to take a risk and go for it is extremely rewarding, no matter the outcome.
5 - Taking care of myself (physically, mentally, spiritually) must be my first priority.
6 - Having privilege is power, and I feel a calling to use it for the greater good.
7 - Possibilities present themselves when I show up in life, and the path emerges as I walk down it.
8 - Living, commuting, and working in such density leaves me feeling more connected to humanity.
9 - Nothing shapes me more than who I choose to spend my time with, personally and professionally.
10 - "Home" isn't where I'm from, it's where I want to be. 🔹
#nyc #officalnewyorker #newyorker #gothamcity
Doesn’t 🤔 it look like we’re living in an emoji here? Fond #fbf to having “Centennial Fare” (food from 1876, when CO became a state) for my bday. 📸 by dad @cowhaler
You never know where life will take you! Conor and I met our freshman year at @uofdenver — living on the Pioneer Leadership Program Floor together. Fast forward ⏩ 17 years and we are now both entrepreneurs! Conor created the Ambassadors program for #denstartupweek and is THE GO TO GUY in 🏔 #Denver for tech recruiting. I’m massively proud of him and lucky our paths crossed so many years ago and that we’ve stayed in touch!
Having a great week back in my home state 🏔of #Colorado. I’m here as an 🙋🏻‍♂️ambassador for #denstartupweek 🖥 Exciting to see the emerging #startup scene in #denver — hoping CO can grow beyond its reputation for skiing and weed!
Captured just before midnight 9/23/2014 as @mattwoodruff1 & I were plotting out what eventually became @pilot_inc with our (much delayed) public launch 🚀 happening 19 months later. At midnight I turned to Matt and shared I just turned 33, to his surprise. Perhaps it’s fitting that this morning I’m traveling on my 🎂 birthday for work. This year I’m giving 🎁 myself ease on this long journey, a deep sense of being present each day, satisfaction in my progress, and joy in the adventure! Plz remind me 🙋🏽 if I’m forgetting any of these 🤗 in my next year.
Grand total of 28 hours from 🛬 to 🛫 while visiting Denver for work, and grateful I got to hang with my lil nephew Rivington during the swirl 🌪 of it all!
Loved giving my 🎤 talk "Stop Worrying About Your Job and Start Managing Your Career" last night to @harvardhbs alumni in NYC. I 🙇🏻 learn as much myself in preparing for these events as I share with my audiences. BTW I'm 🙋🏻‍♂️ looking to do more speaking about the new rules of being a successful professional and I promise to make you a 🏆 hero at your organization for bringing me in (so let me know 🤗)!
Edie Windsor transformed our entire country IN HER 80's. I'm not sure if there is anything more admirable that someone addressing a personal injustice in a way that solves the problem for all people. No matter where you are in life, there's always an opportunity to make a bigger difference and have a second act. Rest. In. Power. 🌈 #ediewindsor #stepupyourgamepeople
Fun night out 🍽 with some of the @pilot_inc team last night. Being an entrepreneur and getting to actually CHOOSE who I work with is pretty 🤗 awesome! #startup
Today is the last Friday of the summer. Don't think I've been able to take a 😎 "summer Friday" in two years 😬tho as I'm hustling to build my #startup. At least I don't have to wear a suit 👔 anymore 🙌🏽
One of the reasons I put my life 💰savings into founding my 🖥startup @pilot_inc was seeing far too many people being passive, naive or even cynical about their careers. Worse, their only strategy was haplessly company 🐇 hopping instead of 💪🏽 making the most out of every opportunity. WORK DOESN'T HAVE TO SUCK! In fact, if you're smart about it, your career can make you a better person, be deeply satisfying, leave a lasting impact, and open up many new possibilities. The access 🚪 is simply taking responsibility to align your #career with your aspirations and values.
Serving you sweaty dad while 🔥3200 calories! Captured 📸 by our fab organizer @rezalutionfitness #breakneckridge
THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Last night I went to bed with aches, chills, and a fever at its peak (from sinus issues). I dreaded Monday.
Yet today, after a lot of sleep and a solid morning meditation, I picked myself up, and at 9AM, closed on a large loan (with a personal guarantee) to fund @pilot_inc growth. I also hired a fabulous new team member. Closed a deal with one of our highest profile customers yet. Brought on a new technical advisor to the company. And led a powerful team meeting and made a bazillion decisions.
Sick days really throw me off as a #startup founder, and when I am sick I remember what my mom told me about what it was like to be a mother ("You'll rise to the occasion even with little sleep or in poor health"). PS taking on significant debt to invest in my own idea and company is a wee bit frightening, but mostly deeply empowering as I've found something I believe in so much, and after 7 attempts, got a bank to give me a loan for!
A little Brooks family ⛰ foothills hike 👣 and visit to the Buffalo Bill museum 🐎🤠 before I 🛫 home!
So many 💖lovelies came together in Denver this weekend to celebrate, as one big 🌈 family, the union 👬 of @benjaminnyc & @justinhsmith #imwithjustinandben #lovewins #gaymarriage
I was 23 having just started working at Lockheed Martin, assigned to a complex spy plane program. My manager flew out Abbie from D.C. to train me (as I had no clue how to do my job and was struggling). We quickly became good friends, she moved in with me at one point, and I paid her back by introducing her to her fabulous husband. Some of the best friendships emerge from the most unexpected places. #RiNo #denver
💪🏽 Pumped to call City Year (a leading national education non-profit) a @pilot_inc customer! We kicked off our work with their high potential leaders in Boston this week. PILOT provides weekly, snackable executive coaching through 📲innovative technology. We are helping companies develop and retain their best people and activate employees to powerfully command their careers! #startup #coaching #careergoals