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  Posted: Aug 25, 2012 1:32 AM FEED
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The ladies enjoy a cold one while tony and I work on our tan. #rooftop #cervesas #emmagram
The campsites the past few days have been magnificent...and cold.
Welcome to Jordan's stick Schiff driving school! First two students on their way to being manual transmission masters!! @klbrobst #cackalacky #fyundai
Park day with uncle J. Already counting down the days until we get to play back in NC. #mermaidhairdontcare
Crew stops for a swim along beautiful #cachecreek. Quite the #sunday (broken) fyundai for the books. 106 degrees with a chance of flipped kayak and flying Toms.
#theflyingdutch was such an amazing festival. Incredible dutch djs, friendly folks (who would help us sing along to all the dutch songs) and perfect weather. Close out the vacay-moon with a bang! #amsterdam
Getting lost biking the endless fields, canals, windmills and perfect little towns with delicious beer. The Netherlands has me sold. #bitterballenfordays
Our last hidden #hotspring in #iceland surprised us with a #rainbow and epic saga stories.
My 29th birthday did not disappoint. Exploring the #westfjords of #iceland I got to play with orphaned arctic foxes, find 3 hidden hot springs (one of which was enormous), get doused by a huge waterfall, photograph puffins on a 1000' cliff, explore the oldest steel ship in iceland (abandoned and beached in a fjord), and enjoy it all with my wife. #schiffhappens
Wedding day brunch. Showing the Cali folks how we do stuff in the South. Deep fried. #schiffhappens #asheville #nc