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  Posted: Aug 25, 2012 12:40 AM FEED
0 Hudson

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Surf check with my main squeeze. She decided that she could get used to the ‘Locals Summer’ that SoCal has been providing this Surftober. #DaddyDaughterDate #NextTimeWeWillBringABoard
Making some cutting boards with the @inventables Carvey at @matterhackers. The holidays are coming - gotta get production going.
Monday morning’s surf - I’d be happy to start every week off this way. Nine friends out in an empty Mexico beach break. Good times were had.
Success in Mexico looks like this: 3 days of surfing, noodle arms, sunburned, and now full of Tacos
Just a couple of jabronies from Philly watching the Eagles home game in LA - it was mind boggling to have so many visitors fans at a Chargers game, easily 70% of the people at this game were wearing green. #FlyEaglesFly
Not a bad place to watch the sun go down with the lady of my life. Happy anniversary @jbraylord.
Last nights sunset, courtesy of a fire just inland. This was followed by a night of drinks with @georginamccullough and @jbraylord - always good to have my Kiwi family pass thru. #Turks
For even better pictures of the sunset (and other rad things) follow my buddy @visual_burrito
View from last nights event we hosted on a rooftop bar in Flushing, NY after Maker Faire. Fireworks and all. Thanks to everyone who came out - we had a blast, but it's good to bee home.
Crazy things going down at Maker Faire, New York.
First time swinging'. She's a fan.
Anyone need help destroyin plastic bags? @jbraylord and I can put out Top Team on it - full service. #JaxToast and @chickadeecharlottelee