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Bikes are fun. #wncx was so rad tonight. It's fun to meet so many new people! Thanks to @angrycatfish for the support and for always making sure my bikes are set. New tires are so good!
LA----->MPLS for rad adventures. Perfect evening for some fatbike shredding. Thanks to @chrisprourke and @megamegaroni for hooking up some super fun bikes.
Fun bob on Kate, today. I used some knowledge from a recent class taught by @costelloxcult !
Some fun from yesterday on one of the nicest guys I've met! Find him @angrycatfish for all your bike needs.
It's totally normal to re-immerse yourself in an obsessive manor after watching a documentary, right? #thepunksinger
El Ishco Peaberry from @coavacoffee. Thanks for the hookup, Matt!
New sewing table from Holly! Made expertly by @rossi_strangler