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  Posted: Aug 24, 2012 5:55 PM FEED
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"look what I picked in the garden ma" :: love my Ozzie

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Posted: Oct 21, 2017 6:05 PM
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Saturday vibes📚 🍃☕☀️🍁soaking up this beautiful weather with the windows and doors open, a heaping pile of good books and all the on guard honey tea I can drink. Hoping I can stop this cold in its tracks, because mama doesn't have time to be sick.
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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 10:59 PM
10 Moon
If you would have asked me 15 years ago if I would enjoy having teens one day I probably would have replied with the status quo of "oh no, can't they just stay little". Oh my, was I naive and impressionable. I'm so glad I pushed the worlds view to the side and listened to my mama heart. Teens are a treasure. Listen to them, love them and hold on gently. It's not without its challenges, but what phase in life is?! Oh, and they are never too old for hugs, I love you's and special dates. ✌️💙🌟
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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 5:59 PM
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Apples! Apples! Apples! 🍎🍏 Let me have it mama's.... What would you do with 240 pounds of apples? So far we are planning applesauce, apple rings, apple cider, apple pie and raw apple tart. Do you have any favorite recipes you want to share? 🍎✌️🌟
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 5:26 PM
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Some days you just want to go on a hike, but then there are those other days when your sanity depends on a dose of nature therapy. Today was a much needed day in the woods. ✌️🍁🌳🍃👣 #wildandfreechildren #naturetherapy #forestchildren #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #wildexplorersclub #wildandfreemishiana
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 3:10 PM
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Saturday vibes 🍁🍃🌫️✌️
Posted: Oct 12, 2017 8:32 PM
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I'm sure some of you remember, but for those who don't know... I used to blog. A lot. I would sit down and share daily about our crazy life. It was a blast. I shared life and connected with many of you and learned so much about myself... It became a beautiful part of my life. As the daily readers grew into the ten thousands, the haters came. They attacked every single bit of my life. I took it the best I could. I stood firm in who I knew I was and tried to not let it hurt me. But as time went on, life got busier. I had lost some of the joy of sharing on my blog and when I had to make a choice where to spend my time I stopped blogging. I know this is turning into a novel. And it's the second "deep" post from me this week. If you've made it this far, awesome! 😄 anyway, for the past couple years or so I have felt the constant nudge to start sharing again. Yet I have always been resistant. I already did that. I don't want to deal with all the negativity again. Why should I share? For everything I could share there are 10+ other moms out there already doing it. Why would I make a difference? I don't have the time. I don't have anything anyone wants to hear. You know, the typical, best yourself down before anyone else can. But, it keeps coming back. I've talked with my family, I've prayed about it and I've thought about it way to much. So here I am, writing a novel just to tell you I'm going to start blogging again. And if you have anything you'd like me to share...... Healthy living, nutrition, recipes, unschool/homeschool, large family logistics, daily life, ect. Let me know. ✌️💙🌟
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 10:27 PM
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Hey there Mr walking stick, thanks for coming to visit on this rainy day ☔ we've been looking for a walking stick all summer, on every hike, at every park... And then one just walks up onto our porch. Good trick walking stick! ✌️🌳🍁🍃
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 7:45 PM
7 Moon
The 2 year old life ✌️💙👣😄
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 2:05 PM
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It's harvest time in the farm right now. And can I open my heart up a bit here... It hurts. It still breaks my heart that this isn't my life anymore. It's been 2 years and I'm still brought to tears when I think about all we lost. We drove the back roads yesterday and passed a field where they were harvesting. The kids were all excited and I was silently holding back tears. I know why we had to go and leaving has brought healing to our lives in many ways. But I left a part of my heart there, on those open prairie fields. 💔 We didn't just move, or leave friends and family. We had to give up a way of life, one we can't live anywhere else. Leaving ripped me apart, to give up so much goodness because something terrible happened. I guess I'm sharing this with you because maybe you can relate. Does deep down peace ever come? 🙏 I know God has a plan, and he can use this brokenness to bring good. That just doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 5:38 PM
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"The best thing one can do when it's raining is Let It Rain" Longfellow. And go hiking 👣🍃☔
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 5:29 PM
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Nash the explorer 👣💚🍃
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 5:27 PM
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Hike it hike it baby 🌳👣🍃💛
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 1:08 PM
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Rainbow garden melon 🍓🍊🍋🍈🍇
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 12:53 PM
2 Moon
My spot is right inbetween them... But as soon as I'm up they roll together to keep sleeping. 💙
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 8:50 PM
3 Hudson
Little cherry tomato pickers helping me get the harvest in before the rainy days ahead 🍅☀️🌿👣
Gosh I'm so darn lucky I get be their mama and teacher.... homeschool is messy, loud and just plain hard at times. But I can't imagine not being here day in and day out, all together, growing and learning. ☀️🍂🍃🌳🦋
Carrot harvest 🌿 digging up root vegetables is like a treasure hunt, you never know what shape or color gems you'll find. 💚
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 9:52 PM
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What a beautiful October garden harvest. I'm dreaming of pesto for dinner. ✌️☀️🌾🍅🌿
Catching the zoo keepers feeding the foxes.... Living school. 👍 and also, how is my baby almost as big as his 4yr old brother