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The fabulous @amy_sall channelling Lisa Bonet

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Just a coupl'a sparkly squeezes to get us through the week.🌀👽
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You aren't alone, no matter if you choose to share your story or not. 💗 #MeToo
tfw Sebastian comes to the office with the best kind of goodies. 👏🙌
Photo: @blindsaay
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Our lil' hideaway (alternatively referred to as the binge-watching palace). 🏰 #VirtualVacation
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#MeToo, us too, her too, them too– but the onus should not be on survivors to bear this burden and fix this problem alone. It's on everyone, especially those who perpetuate this culture, on purpose or not, in the first place. #AcknowledgeIsPower
The reason for all the ☕️😴☕️😴☕️😴☕️😴this AM.
Going to sleep tonight 💤 with this in mind so we wake up feelin' ALL the good vibes. 🛏
Video: @skypie
Artist: @jellythorn
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According to our 🔮, there's some good stuff in your future.
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The @theunapologeticallybrownseries is a street series that's empowering women and communities of color. More things like this, please. 🙌 #AcknowledgeIsPower
TBH, we've been SO ready for fall because our hair just always works with these cooler temps. #ad 👍 TIP: take care of your hair in between styling so you can work it all day, every day!
Photographed by @samcannon
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The weekly UnStyled podcast is back! In Season 2 host Global Editor-In-Chief & Co-founder @christenebarberich returns with a dazzling lineup of incredible women/voices/powerhouses of truth. Expect honest, funny, inspiring, often heartbreaking conversations around the intersection of life, love, work, and, YES, style, too.
Episode two is all @mirandakerr, who talks about everything from finding balance in your life and the secret ingredient to her self-care. Tap the link in our bio to listen! #unstyled
It's the last day of #HispanicHeritageMonth, but these words from @hereisgina ring true every day✨of the year. We won't stop celebrating! 🙌🌈
Design: @elliotsalazar
This leopard-print suit caught our eye 👁 and now we're plannin' on wearing it wherever possible. 🤷‍♀️
Photo: @rockienolan
Planning our Halloween party so we can make this. 🎃 Tag a friend who LOVES #Halloween and would totally make this cocktail with you! Drink responsibly.
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🎶You remind us of the babe. What babe? Babe with the power. 💪✊✨
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High 🔑 really need a mini #KateMcKinnon to carry around in our pocket at all times. 💁
"Muslim women have been systematically excluded from cultivating a presence in the media world, so it has been a challenge getting people to take us seriously and realize that our voices do matter." After feeling alienated herself, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh launched as the first online space dedicated to Muslim women.👏 Learn more about her story and other inspirational women via the link in bio!
Photo: @nyralang
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