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Why is Xenia always telling my life?!?
#Repost @homegirlporvida (@get_repost)
If you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready💅 Be open to receive. Be flexible. All about perspective. Change is good💫💖💫 The incoming new moon energy is poppin'
Travel day. Thinking of my homegirls & all the amazing that's in our midst. Looking forward to hugging my seestah and seeing my colleagues. What are you up to today? #Mamihood #putitintheuniverse #BadandBruja #SundayFunday
I love this picture so hard. Happy AKAversary to Eminence of Solidarity and Pearlfection! Here's to another 10 and beyond! #Sisterhood #AKAMaitland #AlphaKappaAlpha #ESP10Years
#rm52wks: It's been a rough week. Doing "the work" takes a lot out of me. Breaking generational cycles, laundry, truth telling, deaths to tend to, tickling, keekeeing with my friends, PTA, blog, #endo and on and on and on.
But then something happens that brings you some peace, a shift in perspective and a reminder of who you are. So you decide to put it all down and breathe for just one minute. #afterthebreath
It's #DayoftheGirl. This child of mine. She is a force of nature. Quiet and knowing of things we have not taught her. I am her fierce advocate. I tell her she is strong, smart and powerful. One of my parenting goals is to ensure that she never feels the obligation to shrink in order to make others feel comfortable. That she speaks from her heart and speaks truth. That she can stand up for herself and for those around her.

Every day I am humbled that she chose me to be her Mami. It is my life's honor to call her my child. #Mamihood #FrogPrincess #BlackGirlMagic
Today's bright spot? Receiving my girl @fromcarpools2cocktails's mug! Did you order a mug or a shirt? Link in bio, babes! 😍 #gangstermamas #Mamihood #morecofeeplease
I kept getting lumps in my throat while reading this. Baby girl had questions. At the end, I told her that it was important for her to learn about what has happened in the past. We also talked about Columbus.
Some days I wonder if I'm feeding her too much. If she's understanding what I'm saying. I hope she does. I hope all our babies do. #BlackBooks #BlackKids #MomsReading #YearofBooks
#rm52wks: I've been feeling crummy all day. Lots of overwhelm and a general sense of anxiety. Then, about 5 minutes ago I stopped and did a body check. I'm dealing with low level cramping/pain. Sometimes, my brain doesn't register it.

The truth is that I try to ignore it often and just push past it. But I'm learning that I need to acknowledge it so I can reset my expectations and pivot. Also? So I can let go of so much of the guilt that comes from living with #endo and how it affects my quality of life and to a certain extent, my daughter's. I'm in her room, sitting quietly in this chair and feeling grateful in spite of the pain. Pushing on in spite of the general bullshit and lack of accountability in the world and finding joy as I redefine my normal. Life is *still* good. #Mamihood #MEinEndo
I have always loved this quote but more so now that I have an artist for a daughter. Sooo happy with this vinyl decal from @stephenedwardgraphics that finally made it to it's wall home after much deliberation. #walldecals #RoomMakeover #Picasso #quote
The desk is coming together nicely. Big ups to Uncle Pete for making Saturday "clean up and organize with the niece" day and handling the rest of the room. It's hands down one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. It's the little weights that are lifted off of us that sometimes make the biggest difference. #SundayFunday #organized #FrogPrincess
A little something to wear while watching cartoons. Saturday in the 'hood. #Mamihood #FrogPrincess
I love me some @bostonmamas! Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the @talkearly summit! #girlcrush #TalkEarly
Such. A. Good. Read. Moving the girl to a new school this year has brought a lot of questions that's had me pivoting on so many ways of thinking. Here is confirmation. #TalkEarly #Mamihood #MomsReading
Thinking about what's ahead, what I am manifesting and the destiny that awaits. Also, sad I didn't grab my #SpiritualGangster pin. #FullMoonFlow #putitintheuniverse #Mamihood #OmoOya
Yup! I just ordered this bad boy. @fromcarpools2cocktails is on fiyah! You can also get the matching shirt. You know you want one! Click on the link in bio and getchu some! #gangstermamas #Mamihood #judgeyourmom
Puerto Rico is facing a domestic humanitarian crisis on American soil. United States citizens are in dire need of food, water, medicine and electricity. Communication towers are also damaged, making it difficult for Puerto Ricans to communicate their needs. We must be their voice!
Join us on Twitter and send a call to action to Congress to continue to provide on the grounds support and also lift all restrictions to hurricane relief shipping!
To join us on Twitter, use the hashtag #UnidosPorPuertoRico. We are going to ROAR!
This face is giving me everything I need today. Grateful for her, for her jokes, her hugs, her insistence that she loves me more. Her blooming love of books, the light in her eyes. I adore her! Sitting down to shut out the world and it's horrors so I can replenish my soul. #MondayMotivation #FrogPrincess #Mamihood
When you have a Hogwarts Alumni meeting to attend, you've been in pain all morning, your hair is wet but you're happy anyway. Grown up Gryffindor. 😁

This was a perfect selection, @amiyrahm. Thank you! #Gryffindor #witchesbelike