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  Posted: Aug 24, 2012 9:31 AM FEED
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Them streets ain't no joke!
  • Keep Holdin It Dwn , I Need Sum Fresh Shit , Make It Feel Like Da First Time You Got On Ya Bike !


  • Copy copy

  • @meekmill These streets are a Beast.... Survival of the fittest...

  • U already kno @meekmill all love in tha hood @chino_mmg boston stand up!!! All tha real niggaz in tha buildin!!

  • Tell ya story pimp... @meekmill

  • Miami home of the first 48

  • Some People. Still Riding Dat Ride @meekmill. Dats Y I. Love Your Music

  • Write a book about it!@meekmill

  • 👆☝👆☝👆 @selfmademilli23 that's all I could think about.

  • AMEN!!!

  • The streets never been a joke u just figuring that out meek ...these rappers kill me ....once they start getting that industry cred !!! Oh now the streets crazy FUCk outta here

  • You aint never lie....#northphilly

  • hide__ 5y ago

    I wonder y yall allways comment on here if meek NEVER RESPOND !!

  • WORD💪

  • Word!! I wish you would really read these comments so you could see how many others can relate @meekmill

  • North side of Berk street all day...

  • Exactly 🙏🙌

  • @meekmill Its a tru blessing to make it out when you know a lot of people who didn't!!! SE DC Benning RD 4ever!!!!

  • Stay blessed

  • I know bout them same streets I moved too miss my mom tho told bring her ass down here she said born and raised lived theo the 70s/80s I ain't goin nowhere lol love you mom north Philly Ryder

  • Truuuuuuuu


  • Wtf You people comment on pictures for is beyond me just a waste of time and dont have anything else better to do

  • @meekmill u r blessed . Thanks the lord.

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @bigbuddy20 fuck u why the fuck u waisted your time going to another nigga page its obvious u dont have shit to do i hate white boys trying to be internet ganstas

  • Amen!!

  • My nigga you ON now you aint gotta worry bout the streets nomore , let the streets worry about you ! #TRILL shit .

  • Noone trying to be a internet gangsta so calm your country ass down with that loud point is you people waste your time writing paragraphs to someone who made it out and dont even care what you got to say.... @brayc1

  • Your to blessed i love to see someone come from ninguno

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @bigbuddy20 im good on my end pussy i just like the fact that a nigga from the same streets im in made it in got a cracker like u on his Dick if im not mistaken he dont give a fuck bout u either but u still waisted your morning worrying bout him i see u like alot of his pictures Dick riding ass cracker how much he pay u to speak up for him

  • Nothing congrats to you

  • Meek doin work for them hussle niggas shit gets crazy out in LOUISANA & CALIFORNIA FORREAL!

  • Still is bro don't forget plz

  • @brayc1 first of all im not a cracker you fucking monkey thats racist towards me and secondly i like his pictures because of the simple fact that i like meek mills music and thirdly you obviously have no life you must be just like these other fools commenting oo yea and fourthly go brush your teeth before you talk to me you dirty ass hoe its brush your teeth first not smoke a cigarrrtte then brush

  • AMEN 🙌🙏🙏🙌

  • @meekmill stay true to it always praise the lord that you made it and dont ever turn into a sucka nigga real gs dont lose opportunities you the new version of #2pac my nigga they listening #hiphoppolice but fuck 'em

  • Fuck these streets!!! Lol

  • Shit I know I'm goin thru it right now

  • deaddddddd asssss dream chasersssss..

  • Word meek!

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @bigbuddy20 whst u is Mexican a fucking wet back beans in rice eating ass fag in im a nigga fuckboy dont smoke cigarettes weed only man give me an address im not going to waste my time going back in forward with u i bet u buy more black gel than a hoe do in amen that dumb bitch u know who u is

  • Dead ass

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @bigbuddy20 i bet u got meek mill on your screen saver in the mirror rehearsing how to be a nigga like us u like our swagg go listen to Justin bieber pussy

  • romg87 5y ago

    Meek ur greed woll kill you before the streets will.

  • @bigbuddy20 you cracka ass lil white bitch . I bet you won't say dat to no black person face ho asz college boy . Like it or not ugly muhh fukka dis whole world gon be black one day cuhz everybody want mix kids . And while yo bitch asz livin in dis white world you better believe deez black niggas will fukk you up . I dare you to say that to a black person face .

  • Yes Sir it is U have 2 get ur Mind Right 2 Fight the Good Fight!

  • Thats the problem with you people live your life peaceful stop killing each other and others and stop acting as if the world needs to fear you cause yur black no brooo not the way the world works

  • It's real out here all that ackn shit a get u killed out here @meekmill

  • Meek is the biggest devils advocate!! He raps about crime and then writes a sob story on here!! Confusing the public!! Haha

  • Still is. But the aim is to outweigh the bad...

  • Yes u are so realize just how blessed u are and stop sleeping around and find one chick too spoil not thousands save that money nothing in life is promised @meekmill I hope u read this

  • Its so sad how adults can act👎. This post is about positivity, growth, n the come up from rags to riches embrace that... Don't acknowledge the ignorance. but shine light on the good! I love you meek! 😘😘😃😊😊

  • @ognate37 who the fuck asked you for your input ... Noone now go back onthe corner and sell your dimes and dubs youll be dead in 2 years

  • Too bad I live in McKinney tx the 2nd fastest growing city in America hoe asz lil boy . You lucky Idk where you live or ill beat yo asz maself . Like I said you wouldnt say that to no black nigga face . You gon be dead in two min you keep fukkin wit black ppl bitch !

  • str8.up

  • Not for nuttin i didnt say anything wrong @brayc1 came at me with bullshit and the racist shit lol for no reason

  • Some of us still on the bricks

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @bigbuddy20 i thang with a job got two lil boys they eat everyday clothes in shoes on there back in feet with a place to lay there head by any mean necessary mines gone b straight i dont stay with my old boy or girl while your fuckass waiting on momma to buy u a new xbox game or pay your phone bill@ognate37 u right he wont say that in a nigga face cause a nigga would knock his fuckass out@bigbuddy20 u aint bout that life so shut the fuck up

  • Real shitt

  • @joeupkamptanna Thanks that's great advice I WON tixx 2 c @MeekMill but the Border Patrol @checkpoint detained us :(

  • All u niggas that commented bitch and not about that life

  • @bigbuddy20 read wat I said pussy asz white boy

  • That's why I like you so much your real , like you went thru a lot of rough patches and look wea it brought you ... mhm right on top baby boy & can't say it enough I loved you last night #boston #proudfan

  • @brayc1 I can tell u a bitch

  • @brayc1 fasho . I moved out the hood but @bigbuddy20 don't understand niggas gon get money how they was taught to get money . Fukk him fukk his mama fukk his grandma and fukk his kids if he got sum if he don't then fukkem still . Fukk his girl fukk his whole family ma nigga . You gon say sum to the wrong nigga . Got me fukked up sukkin mama tity lil asz bitch ! We hustle ho asz nigga . Sum white ppl will never kno nothin about cuz they grow up wit they daddy dikk up dey asz . Pussy asz saltine asz punk asz fukk asz bitch @bigbuddy20 and yes I'm tlkin bout you fagit asz chump !

  • Unfourtanetly

  • Unfournatley

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @chuckeeeeeee fuck nigga u can get what i said must have related to u bitch with all that grease in your profile picture what real nigga take a picture of they hair u should have been a bitch pussy them fake ass earring gay ass nigga u really got me hot whete u from im in Miami liberty city my hood again gay ass fuck boy

  • Some of us still here #blessed

  • Ok we all got a story

  • Truely Blessed!!

  • @brayc1 nigga I'm from the sag town killer city where u wont make it for two minutes see Miami a big city unlike Saginaw we small so u can't run .....cum up here and try us out

  • Too Bl3ss3d No Str3ss

  • Amen! 🙏

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @chuckeeeeeee u can tell u aint bout that life niggas thats sliding dont post dumb shit like that u wish u had heart pussy in if u do get the big nuts to hit a nigga they gone use your ig against u stupid young dumb ass nigga my lil brother got twenty on a body my Unc got life in a couple of my niggas jammed on bodies in i just came home off one in non og us will put dumb shit on ig like u fuck boy u aint ready for that pressure boy u gone make a whole album in the interigation room pussy!

  • Niggas sound so stuid on here. Internet thugs and shit. Your mom must be proud.

  • Stupid*

  • @brayc1 @ognate37 thats the thing you both have twisted i dont get what i want i work for my own shit you pussy gangsta dime selling ass herbs i buy my own shit and work my ass off for everything i have

  • And again im not white im spanish so that should tell you i dont get shit handed to me i work @ognate37 @brayc1

  • @brayc1 see u would not um mean would NOT make it up here see a nigga like me not worried about hitting the pin cuz niggas up here don't got nothing to live 4 so say if I murked u I would do it in day light and in front of a group of hoes and wont think once about getin locked up

  • Omg please no one cares about Who in your family got locked up@brayc1 stop hating. @meekmill keep doing your thing haters will screaM your failures while whispering your success

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @chuckeeeeeee fuck sag town in Miami i could throw your homeboy a lil cash in that same nigga u smoke in meet hoes in slide with gone dome your ass down here we just dont give a fuck u never safe in if i cant get u your lil brother mama dad sister cousin in trouble see down here u run i gurantee u gone come looking for me when i put your lil brother on a shirt so u gone get got one way or another u sound like all your home boy white done moved in a white neighbor hood in they got u feeling though lol

  • Even better ... Spanish . Bitch nigga you gon cut grass till you die . Stfu ! You jus gave me a better point to make @bigbuddy20

  • @meekmill see you got alota hate On ya page Millie. Dey aint happy you made it! FUK EM....S/o a reall nigga doing real time fool... SALUTE!

  • The #streets helped #Me a #Better #person & #taught #Me #anything is #possible Im happy shhh wasn't easy! !!!!!!! Always then I would know what @Honiztee means @Amen

  • @brayc1 dat grammar..

  • Ayye my nigga meek tho!! I saw tht old ass video when you was 13 gasin it bruh you fina the next nigga,juss like kendrick lamar an joey bass$$

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @keishawilson thats how i talk when iam mad in last time i checked this aint school in u dont look like no damn teacher

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @angeleyez09 fuck u bitch i aint hating on meek if u know how to read groupy ass hoe u aunt suck that Dick yet he will b in Miami in another week or so

  • brayc1 5y ago


  • Wasup meek

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @drublock we don't need no preacher in this ain't church don't metion me cause when u do im going in

  • brayc1 5y ago


  • brayc1 5y ago

    @chuckeeeeeee u flawging i dont know one nigga in prison who want to be there what u got two juvenile cases in feel tough u sound stupid as fuck boy in niggas in Miami hit niggas in broad day on the regular so what u saying

  • @brayc1 going in on that bitch lol

  • @brayc1 slap yo self. #Harder.

  • brayc1 5y ago

    Man im fina go smoke in hit the block i had my fun for today time to go get into some real shit

  • @brayc1 shut up

  • Preach

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @jmain1 man fuck u im tired of gay ass niggas trying to sound tough

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @drublock do i have to tell u sound gay ass fuck people read that in tell me he aint no punk

  • @ognate37 lol stereo typing us as if your stereo type is any better lol and nah i dont cut grass i make honest money done with that old hustling life so stay outta jail bud 👍

  • @ognate37 and fuck you and the triflin hoe that made a scumb bag like you she shouldve swallowed you low life piece of shit keep bangin you gnna get somewhere in life

  • Yo @brayc1 may lord be with you my child.

  • The Lord.*

  • @brayc1 man I'm done talkin....but at the end of the day u still a bitch...I'm out!

  • @brayc1 man I'm done talkin....but at the end of the day u still a bitch...I'm out!

  • Noine gives a fuck wat you gnna do you ashy ass piece of shit go tell your kids what your about to do... Not us @brayc1

  • Noone*

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @chuckeeeeeee u a fuck nigga im out

  • I'm not bangin shit ugly asz nigga . I don't rep no set sell no dope bitch I smoke weed wit the money I make . You stereotyping meek mill sayin he ain't from the hood and don't nobody wanna be black . Nigga Im not even stereotyping bitch . Spanish do cut grass you punk asz white boy . Stereotyping is lookin at somebody and judgin them . How am I gon judge somethin that I see everyday ugly asz lil boy . You ain't from the hood bitch so you a instagram tlker . I don't live that life no more cuz I kno ima end up buryed . And I got a 15/hr job bitch pretty sure I make more than you a day then wat you make in 2 weeks . And you can tlk about ma mama nigga but I guarantee ma mama can beat the shit out yours @bigbuddy20 . Lol and @meekmillz is from the hood nigga . He ain't no fake hood rapper . Real shit ! You got no respect in the streets that's why you tryna get it on instagram . Niggas kno I ain't soft . They seen me whoop asz and not lost . I got jumped once . Ima real asz nigga and I'm not ashamed to mention but better believe if I do lose I'm comin back for more ho asz . You gon get killed by a black person if they read this shit you said about meek and black ppl . You never gon kno how the game played .

  • brayc1 5y ago

    @bigbuddy20 im done talking to u pussy

  • And nigga I'm a rapper bitch #VersaceGang @versacelambo we already gettin noticed bout to make theze millions . Wtf you doin punk asz nigga . I feel sorry for yo sober asz ! Haha @bigbuddy20

  • Lol your clown noone said meek mill isnt a real rapper i said i bump to him dog stop with your trash you aint shit bitch i make 18/hr doing nothing so suck this dick you bitch made hoe youll never be a rapper so just quit now @ognate37

  • In the end @brayc1 you arent shit and the same goes for you baggin on me because im spanish lol remember black and spanish people will always be minorities in white peoples eyes you dumb fuck

  • Obviously you cant read because if you look i never said anything about meek mill i talked about wack people wasting their time commenting like fool and i was the 1 who got shouted out for no reason being called a cracker thats when it all started bitch @ognate37

  • drxse 5y ago

    Can't wait til Tuesday to see the movie! #Streets @meekmill

  • Lolol niggas about that life on insta tho 😄

  • The streets feed us but they be taking some good niggaz early

  • Real shit meek fuck Wat these other niggaz on here talkin about......Chiraq we out here @meekmill

  • Shit im on dat ride now...

  • This is crazy. He callin me a bitch on instagram. Haha but if I walked passed his dusty ass he'd be tryin to holla. Smdh

  • Word @trapmoney51 meek is the shit. If u ain't listening to MMG right now u ain't listening to nothing!!

  • Tell me about it nigga just lost my nigga to the streets n young was only 19 these a fool but til I go see my nigga I'm gone Chase Tha Dream 90% GRIND 10% SLEEP

  • I'm glad for ya @meekmill... Cant b a sky without *stars lol

  • If you ain't neva been n the streets late nights you wouldn't understand tht!

  • Yess another young black man out the jungle much love !!!!

  • YESSS 👆@flashycutz215 we love you @meekmill keep making them hits ❤❤

  • U graduate when u make it up outta them streets #salute my nigga #trapst

  • Sitting here thinking abt @My $$$$$ & #MyMeeky @ the #same #damntime @A+++++++++++

  • "God" Bless ... I told u in that p.o. office what u can do and u did it bul. The

  • Then u said if I'm sippin put it down on "make em say" n I made a way..this is just the beginnin

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