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#tbt my bday 2000 Villa Borghese #Rome #theonesilove @hmstetz @activejac @hana_schwrtz Rick during the filming of Gangs of New York
Good morning 49! May I be happy, may I be healthy, may I be safe, may I live with ease free from ancient and twisted karma. 🤗🎂🥂💕🦄#birthdaygirl last year in my 40s. Bring it! Truly just does keep getting better. Happy birthday to all fellow 9/25 ers out there! @mraven257
#tbt #Ireland #bday 2012 with mom. Was amazing! This was shot in Kilarney ❤️❤️❤️#irishknitsweaters
So many good people out tonight for book launch #thedharmaoftheprincessbride by @ethannichtern looking forward to reading it!
Happy Birthday @hmstetz She can kick and she can stretch! #virgoseason 🎂😘❤️🥂#thelmaandlouise
Celebrating my bday a lot this year. Join me @thehifibar wed 13 & 27 7:30-9:30 FREE!!! Amazing @ctconquered performing. Y'all know I know the good stuff. Xxoo #livemusic #bday #septemberbaby
Amazing only begins to describe what I saw/heard experienced tonight. So connected. @thehifibar @ctconquered Weds in sept. #intimate #livemusic #thevoice 😍
Hey hey hey Well I like it when that lightening comes Hey hey hey Yes I like it a lot #thecure #hothothot #stormviewing #rainwalk
September is my favorite month for many reasons. I loved going back to school at any age, I grew up in NY and always really appreciated the change of seasons somehow marking internal changes as well and my sister and I share our birthdays in Sept born a year apart. I'm thankful every day for my "Irish twin". #tbt 1988/2008 #sisters #septemberbaby #sunlovers @hmstetz