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shout out @section_203 thank you again for helping us move the #Juki into the stujio space 🙏🏽 (#industrialsewingmachine’s are heavy)
owned nike for a few years now... recently decided to cut ties witha loss, even after their split, their dividends were sleep✂️ - it seems that adidas, UA and others increased the heat #bounceback
almost 50 floors up • blue angles messin around shaking buildings
spot prawns in sake and prolly some other secret ingredients (pepper?) #sousvide @ 135*F #knowaboutit
#Puerh brick - can anyone translate the packaging? Thx in advance 👌🏽
Wagyu flank • @ 131.5F* #sousvide • marinated in miso, sake, #mirin, #tobanjan, garlic... I said too much • marinated for 24hrs • torched bruh
shout out @oldskool_lyfe for replacing all gaskets from the oil pan to the head and everything in between 🙏🏽✊🏽 #performanceoptions
i was under the weather all last week but finally feel better and managed to get some lightweight things taken care of 😷 #Weber #dcoe #cleanup #weber40 #cannon