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  Posted: Aug 23, 2012 8:26 PM FEED
2 Amaro
last social media panel of the season! #magiclv #fashion #fashionblogger

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Dream kitchen via our story with @cookspacebk. 👌 Get inspired this weekend by catching up on our story with them (and more lifestyle features), on the site now. 🥄 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
"Darkness fully transcends over the old section of Stockholm now, and the streets quickly empty out in a way I never thought was possible. Windows are bright, active and lit by candlelight as locals settle into after work drinks or dinners. The shine of blonde hair and elvish-like chit chatter can be seen and heard as I trudge through the old cobblestones. I feel the hardness of stone in my knees, and this reminds that I’m not as young as I used to be. I’m new to this city still, and sadly no one is waiting for me at the end of my walk. Deep in my solitude here, my European planner is wide open still, in hopes of filling it with new friends, experiences, and memories." Our interviewee Camilla Vivian Mayer reflects on her recent move to Stockholm, Sweden in our A Girl Abroad series. ✈️ Link to story 👉 Profile 📷✍️ @cvmayer for #THESTYLELINE #thestylelineagirlabroad
"I think my advice when thinking about fashion and interior design is that it doesn’t have to be one thing. Your closet (and certainly not your home) doesn’t and shouldn’t need to have a concrete finite label. I am not one particular thing so neither can my style or my design aesthetic be. I embrace the fact that my style is a hodge-podge. It is an accumulation of all the time periods, places I’ve been, people I’ve loved, and fascination I’ve had." Discover more inspiration via our recent Home Visit with @farrbryant. 💛 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE
"My passion stems from me wanting my children to have an example of a woman who followed her passion regardless of all the obstacles. How could I teach them to be empowered, if I was not? So I had to do it." Meet shop-boss Haamacha Donadi of @theoryofgaia and discover the inspiration behind the brand. 👯 Link to story 👉Profile 🎥@bridgetbadore and @rachelschwartzmann for #THESTYLELINE
If only every Monday looked like this. 🙌 Stay tuned, we've got some exciting stuff coming. 👩‍💻 📷 @jacklynbarber for #THESTYLELINE via our Neighborhood Story with @leevosburgh
"Set an example with your work ethic, how you treat people, how you get through the tough times in business. If you want to leave an imprint, you have to reach outside of just doing what you love–even if it has nothing to do with your craft. Otherwise, what’s the point?" Candice Neistat is breathing new life into the jewelry industry. Discover how she built her two jewelry brands, @finnjewelry and @Billy, and her advice for the next generation of designers who are looking to leave an imprint in the world. 💃 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
Taking 🍂sartorial notes from our interviewee @ava_darnell. 🖤 Rediscover our Austin Ethical Fashion Guide and stay tuned for all new stories coming soon. ✔️ Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE
Getting ready for the week ahead, like 🔝👩‍💻☕️. Start your work-week off on an inspiring note by catching up on the stories featured on the homepage. 👋 Link 👉Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE via our Home Visit with Éva Goicochea
"Creativity is something we want to ignite at @cookspacebk. I do not think we can solve the world’s problems with a meal but we can definitely start a new wave of thinking. Small conversations at the table can influence or teach others of different views and perspectives. I think creativity brings people together and can somehow be a common ground to humanity." Meet the creative trio behind the newly-opened culinary school and event venue Cook Space, who chat culinary confidence, honing in on your personal style, and sustainability in food. 👯 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
Weekend wardrobe planning via our style muse @robinreetz. 💙 Catch up on our stories with her (and more) on the site now. 👋 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
A stylish corner from our recent story with at her Portland design studio. 🌿 Meet the talented maker and more emerging talent within the Portland community on the site now. 👋 Link go homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @nicholaspeterwilson for #THESTYLELINE
"I can't find the words to express myself about what Puerto Rico is going through right now since Hurricane María. My heart is broken for all the people who lost their homes/businesses and are struggling to survive. It's depressing going outside and seeing a complete different landscape but we're so grateful for everyone who are truly helping to recover our island and leading us to see the light at the end of the tunnel." Head to our @instagram stories to see more from our interviewee @andevoto who shared a list of organizations to donate to in order to aid relief efforts from Hurricane Maria's aftermath. 💛 📷 @eimyfig for #THESTYLELINE
The line up via our recent Neighborhood Story with Harper Poe of @proudmaryglobaltextiles . 👡 Discover #Charleston through her eyes on the site now. Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @lindseyshorter for #THESTYLELINE
"Creativity is the force to build the future. Imagination and dreaming are vital to us all. We are only limited in life by what we believe is possible or impossible. 'Impossibilities are OUR fuel for our possibilities. Build a legacy… not a legend.'" Meet Matt and Emily Baldwin, get to know their brand @Baldwin, and tour their newly-opened Soho flagship. 👖Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
Today we celebrate our agency CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL's second birthday! 💥 We're honored to be able to work with innovative brands to create platforms that enable them to tell their stories, on their terms. Enjoy this compilation of a few #behindthescenes moments from the last couple of years and discover what we we're up to over on our IG @connecteditorial . 🎉 - @rachelschwartzmann
Candice Neistat is breathing new life into the jewelry industry. Discover how she built her two jewelry brands, @finnjewelry and @billy, and her advice for the next generation of designers who are looking to leave an imprint in the world. ✨Link to story 👉 Profile 🎥 @bridgetbadore + @rachelschwartzmann for #THESTYLELINE
Happy Friday! We're kicking our feet up (in style) and taking creative cues from our recent story with the inimitable @farrbryant. ⭐️ Discover the full feature and more on the site now. ❤️ Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE
This year we've started to get to know the inspiring creative community in Puerto Rico. After following the awful devastation caused by Hurricane Maria we reached out to our interviewees to see if there was anything we could do to help and share with our community. @andevoto recommended donating to ConPRmetidos in the meantime, which is a nonprofit organization assisting with relief. We'll be following up with more info as we hear back. For now, we're keeping PR and all those affected in our thoughts. 🌿 📷 @eimyfig for #THESTYLELINE
"Art and the act of creating is one of the most authentic forms of communication, a way of understanding one another, of establishing a relationship, of telling a story, of reminding one another that we are not alone. I think that’s powerful. I’m still figuring out our brand’s role in this movement, it’s always evolving." Meet who chats designing with intention, life in Portland, what she’s learned on the entrepreneurial journey and her advice for those looking to follow a similar path. Also, tour her airy design studio and showroom. 📌 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @nicholaspeterwilson for #THESTYLELINE