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regin0 9w ago
I'm Alive!!! reached the 8km trail mark, just 700 meters shy to reach the summit kaso di ko na talaga kinaya eh hehe. One of the most challenging experiences in my life both mentally and physically. 😂 #stillagreatview #mtkinabalu #sabahmalaysia #sabah #4095masl #bucketlist #hike #trail #mountaineering
regin0 24w ago
Search for the best ramen and coffee can in Japan 😃. Criteria: Affordability and Quality.

Out of all the ramen shops i've been in Japan, the best for me is at Menkiya Restaurant in Kyoto (first photo), price of one ramen bowl from the famous Ichiran Ramen (around JPY750) you can already buy ramen with rice and 6pcs gyoza at Menkiya without sacrificing the quality! I ate here 3 times haha.

I love coffee but my budget cannot afford to buy from baristas everyday haha. Since Japan has lotssss of vending machine (so many it's really hard to choose) it's my cheaper option. My regular choice is "UCC The Coffee", you can buy it chilled or hot for only JPY90-100, the can is also sized moderately so you can enjoy it longer.

PS: walang magawa, kaya product review nalang kuno haha. #japan #throwback #latepost #ramencoffee #coffeecan #japan #ramen #asia #backpacking #multiplephotos