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Partisan revamped. Soon to deliver the best coffee in Paris even faster. More custom bikes at @edmondandrene
🇱🇧 Lebanon in a picture: a church and a mosque sharing the same land.
Désarmement des toboggans. Vérification de la porte opposée. Air France 🇫🇷Gay Pride 🏳️‍🌈
This is Pickles. I acid dipped the frame, then oxidized it before applying a lacquer to freeze the rust. I made it for my good friend @edwarddellingwilliams, a great chef who pretty much pickles everything. More bikes 🚴 on @edmondandrene
Kouka being a jerk to pigeons.
Bikes Bikes Bikes have their new account @edmondandrene Custom bicycles made with love in Paris (and named after my 2 grandpas)
This is Globule, my last build for @clemtournon . Globule means blood cell and since Clément is an ER Dr, it made sense he had a bloody bike.
Wedding part 2. So happy to have my ass carried by @sara_likes_it