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Confit guinea hen dumpling, aromatic broth // #foodseyeview
  • Ahhh! I've been wanting to go there! I want major reviews when you get back! Haha

  • Lobster shack in Redwood City, Crustaceans in DTSF and hit up the SoMa Streat Food Park.

  • San Tung Chinese Restaurant in Sunset. Get the dry fried chicken wings.

  • @cpappas so good I'm going trying to go again on Friday haha @tommylsantos already did damage at Lobster Shack. Roli Roti for the porchetta sandwich tomorrow.

  • If you fuck with sandwiches heavily, we got Ike's and Little Luccas. Patxi or Little Star for deep dish pizza.

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One-Michelin star @rijksrestaurant for the last supper. The food, much like the Rijksmuseum the restaurant is attached to, captures the history of the Netherlands.

Tribute to the Dutch bean
30 varieties

Tartar of roasted venison
spinach. "bergse" anchovy. tarragon

Lobster from the plancha
fermented pineapple. peanut sauce. raw mushroom

#FEVinAMS // #FoodsEyeView
Great lunch today @rosiesAmsterdam, which was recently opened by two former @bakrestaurant chefs and already seems to be an industry favorite.

Raw fish of the day

Boudin Basque Louis Ospital-black pudding-apple

Chicken livers-oyster sauce-shallots

#FEVinAMS // #FoodsEyeView
The beginning of the end in Amsterdam means starting the day with kibbeling, or Dutch fried cod seasoned with curry and a mayonnaise-y tartar sauce #FEVinAMS // #FoodsEyeView
This was no doubt a top 5 meal ever. I can't thank @blistobenny and the ENTIRE @bakrestaurant team enough. You guys are incredible. And so was the food and wine. These were just some of the highlights from the 8+ courses, and because I had no idea, the opperdoezer ronde is a variety of potato native to the village of Opperdoes in North Holland. It's also the best dam(n) potato you'll ever eat.

Beans. Lovage, egg yolk

Vegetables from the lindenhoff garden

Opperdoezer ronde. Wild garlic, buttermilk, bottarga

Mullet. Seaweed, cauliflower, endive

#FEVinAMS // #FoodsEyeView
You may not think of Amsterdam as a food destination, but places like @chouxrestaurant say otherwise. 4-course (plus some extra love from the kitchen) lunch menu with wine pairings hit on all marks with great flavor profiles and contrasting textures.
Starting from dessert and working backwards:

Strawberries, yogurt, granita

Polenta, zucchini, chanterelle, sauce of truffle

Pan-seared plaice, oyster beurre blanc, cabbage

Kelp tagliatelle, beets, chervil veloute, hazelnuts

Watermelon, black rice, tomatillo, savory oil

#FEVinAMS // #FoodsEyeView