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tyrabanks 269w ago
The life of an intern...applying lotion to Rob Evans before our photo shoot in bed! #ANTM

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Cape Cod (and my finger messing up the shot. Or maybe it's just a Flawsome moment.)
This special filter is called Crazy. It's that BFF fun-time filter. Well actually, there's #nofilter. It's just some good, ole fashioned, natural, cray-cray fun with the homie. Swipe and experience its glory.
No, thank YOU @harvardhbs for giving us the tools to take our lives and businesses to stratospheric heights. The building we stand in will be demolished in just days. We graduated here, celebrated here and those memories will last forever. Excited for the future structure that will take its place. We will be back for future reunions to experience the new digs!
Coffee and smiles all around at the @HarvardHBS reunion.
Throwing that Thursday back with some Anne Klein retro runway realness.
(Or was it @michaelkors? Eek, I can't remember!)
Every time I walked his runway, I felt powerful, sexy and my curves...truly appreciated. I will always remember you @hervelegerleroux. You were so kind. So talented. And your legacy will live on forever.
I felt so powerfully sexy in his fashion shows. RIP @hervelegerleroux
The genius @hervelegerleroux has passed on to the afterlife. One of the warmest designers I have ever worked with... RIP Herve Leger
Rest in Peace Herve Leger. Will always remember your genius and kindness.
Don't mess with her when she's in her #BOSS zone.
If this was a runway, how the heck would you WERK it?
If you had a ceiling like this in your house, you'd....
If I was into rockers, this would be my boo.