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"I think doing what you love is the only way. If we are all content with our work and are constantly learning that is a game changer. That positivity, and love for your daily life can only create positive change." Discover more life (and style) inspiration via our Neighborhood Story with Harper Poe of @proudmaryglobaltextiles who shows us her favorite spots around Charleston. 🌾 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @lindseyshorter for #THESTYLELINE
User Image thestyleline Posted: Nov 18, 2017 3:20 AM (UTC)
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"Isn't that something worth aspiring to? A society of women that feel good about themselves and possibly change the world around them? I’ll say so. We remind each other that even if we are not living in the happiest country in the world, we can still be the happiest girls in the world. It starts with us." Our A Girl Abroad contributor Karina De Jesus muses on her time in Copenhagen. 💛 Link to story 👉 Profile ✍️📷 @karina.dejesus for #THESTYLELINE #THESTYLELINEagirlabroad
"Feliz was where I relaunched my line when I moved back to my hometown of Austin after spending twelve years living and working in NYC. It is also where I met the first layer of my friends from the Austin design world – to say that is a meaningful event for me is putting it lightly! I think markets like Feliz create a place of discovery for customers who are seeking out a more impactful shopping experience and provide a place of community building for everyone involved." Discover how @mirandabennettstudio and @feliz_austin are empowering Austin's independent design community. 📌Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE
Cozy corners inside's Portland shop. 👌Discover the full story (and more) on the site now. 📷 @nicholaspeterwilson for #THESTYLELINE
"The biggest lesson I’ve learned about social media is that it gives a voice to those without one if used correctly... So, even if people like to describe social media as frivolous and superficial, it is really an important tool to start conversations and, more importantly, to keep conversations from dying out." Meet @blancheneve of @thisisaday and discover our inspiring two-part conversation on The Style Line (link 👉profile) and @planoly's blog. 🤳📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE – in partnership with Planoly
"I guess that a place that feels safe is essential for most creation to happen. I have lived in all sorts of homes, but my favorite has been the least fancy and the most cramped. I want to wake up in a place that feels safe, warm and amongst the people and things I love." Meet @jenna_aceandjig of @aceandjig who kindly invited us into her Portland abode. 🎩 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @nicholaspeterwilson for #THESTYLELINE
"Building a brand across two cities really works for us. It certainly presents its own set of challenges, but it was a strategic decision for me to remain in SF and El to remain in NYC, the cities we both have extensive career experience in. Remaining in our respective cities has allowed us to realize the needs of women all across the country and incorporate that feedback into our products." Discover how Sali Christeson and Eleanor Turner are building their work-essentials brand Argent across two of the most dynamic cities in the United States. 💼 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore and @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE
Reaching for the little things (and the weekend) via our Home Visit with @pennyweight. ✋️ Get inspired 👉 link in profile. 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE
User Image thestyleline Posted: Nov 9, 2017 3:00 AM (UTC)
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Claire Chan of @theelknyc is making her business in style. 🍳 Discover her story in our Made in Style interview series in partnership with @squarespace. Link to story 👉 Profile 🎥@bridgetbadore and @rachelschwartzmann for #THESTYLELINE #ad
"What’s old is new – that’s a theme that plays throughout every facet of my life. Old City is exactly that. The cobblestone streets, the rickety floors in the shops and the boutiques, the small, local community within a big city – it’s everything I am." Explore Old City Philadelphia with intimates designer Maddie Flanigan. 😍 Link to 📷 👉 Profile ✍️ @orchidgrey - Photos by @mmadalynne for #THESTYLELINE
"The world is in flux right now, there’s no doubt about it. Everything is bubbling to the surface and we are going to have to get VERY creative in how we deal with what we are facing; not just politically but also environmentally. It can be daunting to know where to start and how to get involved. My new outlook is to just dive in." Meet @cdearbornw of @bloglovin and discover our inspiring two-part conversation on #THESTYLELINE (Link 👉 Profile) and @planoly's blog. 🤳 📷 @bridgetbadore for The Style Line – in partnership with Planoly
"I'm very proud of how Theory of Gaia is a shopping destination, but also a great space for women. It’s welcoming, has a warm vibe that allows women to come in and we actually often talk about what their goals and finding pieces that will give them the confidence when they look into the mirror." ✨ Meet the inspiring woman at the helm of @theoryofgaia, a staple boutique in Manhattan's LES Neighborhood. 👋 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE
Taking interior inspiration from our Home Visit with @pennyweight. 🙌 Discover more by following the link in our profile. 📷 @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE
"Every damn person in this world is creative if they allow themselves to be. Being creative is problem-solving. It’s looking at a scenario and making it better; it’s repurposing information; it’s finding stronger ways to communicate." Meet Rachel Nguyen of @thatschic who chats creativity and travel and discover our visit at her gorgeous Los Angeles home. 🌞 Link to story 👉 Profile 📷 @karenmarieco for #THESTYLELINE
Walking towards Friday like 🏃‍♀️. Enjoy this preview from one of our new stories coming soon to the site. 👩‍💻 📷 @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE
"I often reflect on the concept that visibility into each other’s lives via social media is making us more alike—it’s somehow easier to model your life after someone you see online than it is to go your own path and create on your own. In that regard, creativity is absolutely essential, now more than ever. Creativity is inimitable—and our deepest dreams and passions should be too." Meet @emilykdrewry, the talented Social Content Manager at Forbes and discover our inspiring two-part conversation on #THESTYLELINE (link 👉 profile) and @planoly's blog. 🤳📷 @bridgetbadore for The Style Line – in partnership with Planoly
"I think that the creative world is a means for expression and communication during a time when words might not be enough. When it seems like needs are not being met and voices are silenced, artistic expression can often be the driving force that we need. I hope that the Hurricane Strong Collective can be part of this voice and shine a light on how our generation and its leadership is dealing with the aftermath of such a powerful disaster." This year, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to begin to get to know some of the women at the helm of Puerto Rico’s growing creative community. But as #HurricaneMaria tore through Puerto Rico, their lives (and livelihoods) changed overnight. Today we feature four women in Puerto Rico's creative community who prove that you CAN leave an imprint in the world's bigger conversations, simply by doing what you love. 🤝 Link to story 👉 Profile
📷 @eimyfig for #THESTYLELINE
If only all Saturday's at home looked like this. 👌 For more interior, style, and general creative inspiration check out the latest stories on our homepage now. 📷 @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE via our Meet the Team story with @lisasaysgah 🌿
#TBT to our follow-up feature on @_mamannyc_. 🌸 Meet maman marche founder @_byelisa_ and discover the space on the site now. 👋 Link to homepage 👉 Profile 📷 @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE