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Hello delicioussness! Per-meeting fuel. #sflove

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This what joy looks like for me today. Kale from the garden, ready to be Vitamixed with Honey crisp apples, and ginger. Yummmmmm #healingjourney
May we all feel the warmth of the light that is always there for all of us. #nofilter sweet photo by @faceburgh #healingjourney
Flowers of kindness and warmth. Gifted to me today by a yoga student friend. She and her daughter used to come to my yoga classes. Today they had me over to their house for lunch and gave me these sweet yellow roses. So touched. It is so sweet to be seen and loved. #healingjourney
I wake up and greet my grief and sadness as the dear friend she is. She holds me tightly in loving arms of my true nature, which is not sad or happy, the part of me that just is. #healingjourney #huggingtour
I've been crying a lot lately. Making space for more laughter. #healingjourney
"A Few Bad Apples" is a community group in #pgh that gathers unwanted Apples and turns them into cider. They donate it all to local non-profits. Thx @gtechstrategies for a great afternoon. Amazing!!
My welcome back to the states gift. A sweet lunch with 93 & 97 year old grandparents. #healingjourney
Sipping a Guinness in a pub in Dublin. Writing a blog post while one ear and eye enjoys the shenanigans of the locals.Telling stories, laughing and teasing each other. These two guys just acted like they'd fight and then hugged. Perfection for my 24hrs in Dublin before I fly to Pittsburgh tmrw. #healingjourney
#nofilter Picnic with an old dear friend at Green Park in London. Gives me hope maybe the world will be ok. #healingjourney
Walking to a friend's house today, I turned to get this glimpse of the small hillside historic village I've been staying in for the past week. It's called Le Beaucet and was first built in the 11th century. Some of the houses are built right into the hillside with cave like living spaces. #healingjourney
Shed that skin that isn't you. Leave it on a tree for someone else to ponder. Go where your heart takes you. In freedom, bee. #healingjourney
Loving living among the stones and cliffs of Provence. My heart sings each time I glimpse the exposed stone. Reminds me of often buried strength. #healingjourney
I found the entrance to your secret garden today.
While I walked with whimsy and butterflies
Tasting juicy figs and blackberries from your gentle offering,
I found your secret garden and decided to leave you be.
In peace. With love, Lizandra #healingjourney
I've learned a lot from this lil renard over the past 3 weeks. We've played and laughed and our entertainment with my French has been hilarious. I've loved connecting with her vast 4yr old wisdom. #healingjourney
I've loved this sunset scene for the past 3 weeks. I'll see tomorrow's sunset from a new local, just 3km from here. #healingjourney