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  Posted: Aug 22, 2012 9:26 PM FEED
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Bumped into local celebrity barber Jun Yu earlier today while lurkin around Chinatown at lunch. He was sitting outside his small barbershop in Ross Alley, watching the passersby. You might remember Jun from his small cameo playing the Electric Erhu in "Pursuit of Happiness," starring Will Smith. While Jun has been trying to lure me into his barber chair for years now -- that's a whole other story in itself as I love the guy but am not quite sure I trust him w/ a straight razor these days, today he actually complimented me on my pompadour, which made my day...keep in mind, this is coming from a man that cut Frank Sinatra's hair whenever he was in town back in the '40s/'50s. Check the signed head shots of "Blue Eyes" on the wall if you ever find yourself near his shop... #hipstamatic #sanfrancisco #chinatown #barber #junyu

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