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  Posted: Aug 22, 2012 9:09 PM FEED
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happy birthday henry deveaux! thankful for our social-media-friends turned real-life-friends success story!!! thx for keeping me young w/ the cool lingo!
happy birthday @younglife
thanks for the friends and the laughter and the singing and the games and the camps and the mountains and the community and the Jesus and the home that you have been to me. you're getting old!!!!!!!
Why do Texans say y'all? Because there's no need for OU. ~Hook 'em forever~
me as a cow with two friends who are embarrassed to be seen with me as a cow #countryclub
Posted: Sep 21, 2017 8:23 PM
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happy things part 1: yellow mountain flowers
rumor has it DJ Status & DJ Drop It will be BACK at club tonight (yes tonight!!!) with some even fresher beats & beets... be there 7:09 @ 10424 China Spring Rd.
Posted: Sep 8, 2017 1:40 AM
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"you can do whatever the frick you want with your life" -Judah
here's to 20!!
Posted: Aug 22, 2017 10:54 PM
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today i'd rather be walking through this valley in a hail storm than walking across campus in 100 degree weather :/
to my people: thanks for making the last 6 weeks a sweet lil taste of heaven. you're beautiful, you're kind, you're loved, you're the best of friends.
to the ranch: thank you for being a place for laughter, for tears, for prayers being answered, for relationship building, and for Jesus.
to Jesus: thank you thank you thank you
a photo featuring the colors jade & brown
last night a bear walked through our campsite but we are ~survivors~
abby was there for me when i didn't have a bus ticket to salida and she helped me sneak onto the bus 20 min after i met her. peace luv happy fourth
gonna go spend the rest of my summer in this pretty place!!!!!! if ur real you'll write me/mail me a potato/send pics of puppies & dino stickers. see ya in august!!!! Hannah Smith
Wilderness Ranch
2000 USFS Road 521
Creede, CO 81130
these lil adventurers made #freshmanbeachtrip SUCH a joy. thanks for saying yes and sprinting toward fun with me!!! luv y'all lots
i'm counting down the days til i get to be back in these mountains #37
@willnickle usually takes photos of everyone else, so i thought i'd change things up a bit
this my friend carrie! carrie and i have the same high school friends! carrie is full of joy and laughter and she is strong and chases after the Lord to give her direction. i love carrie! carrie and i are at wilderness ranch for the FIRST TIME YIPPEE #notwacotx
i may have been up for 30 hours straight, been roasted by an IHOP employee at 4 in the morning, and eaten a nerds rope for breakfast, but at least i got to see this DOPE sunrise with some sweet friends. pls ask me why i was up all night. pls.
shoutout to @libbytidwell and @wacofarmersmkt for getting me through freshman year. i couldn't have done it without y'all :-) ps we got peaches at the farmers market when we barely knew each other and now look at us