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My shot for @joshjohnson #blackwhite forum today #jj_forum_0369

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There is a super cool alley in Gulfport, which has been turned into a street art gallery and pop up music venue. I spied this on one of the doors and just love the message!
I always wanted a vanity growing up. I used to sit at my Nana's for hours so I'm living vicariously through my daughter and bought her one for her birthday. I am going to get my own. I still want one. #reflecting_ru (S8)
Sitting here in the calm before the storm that is Hurricane Nate and over posting because I'm feeling restless.
This is the face you get when you suggest going out to do some Fall inspired photos on the nature trails next to your house before Hurricane Nate hits. It started to rain as soon as we got out there. I got about 8 shots off before it started to pour and we ran back to the house 😂 Nate 1, Photo session 0.
Oh, Maui. I love you and your crazy bendy roads #ru_onacountryroad S8 through the windshield. Not the best shot but it's impossible to stop on these roads without almost getting run over.
I absolutely love all the architecture in NOLA. So many beautiful old buildings with such great character
Entertaining the crowds in NOLA is a 7 day job. These guys are the best!
Even soldiers have to meander sometimes #ru_offcenter