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i got excited and didn't focus but that pink chromosphere!
Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World (Timothy Morton)
never been more proud to be a Percy Priest Elementary kid
Happy birthday to my ride or die! Here's to many more years of chasing fireworks, sing-a-longs, crazy jobs, beach bumming, living room dance parties, adventures, and talking about everything and nothing.
I like to climb things. When I can't, my friends hoist me up (and catch me coming down). Thank you to stranger in the park Big Sam who yelled turn this way! and snapped a pic.
teared up multiple times at #womensmarch today. the intersectional solidarity and octogenarians in hand-knit pussy hats, the waves of cheers, lack of militarized police, getting caught in the bread puppet theater (I'm a fan girl), and close to a million allies and accomplices in one place was overwhelming in the best way possible.